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How’s Reception?

Here are a few sites to bookmark in case you’re unable to reach us here at

If you can’t reach the forum and/or wiki and there is no notice about it on any of the above sites:

  • Is Crazymeds Down? If you can’t reach the site and I haven’t posted anything, check here.
  • If the above site says Crazymeds is up and running then…
    • There could be some kind of problem (such as Internet weather) between you and Crazymeds1.
    • The more technically inclined can go to your preferred TCP/IP tools site to ping, traceroute, etc.
  • Keep in mind that the domain itself could be up and running - along with all the TCP/IP parts of the OS - and the problem is with other parts of the OS, or something else that’s software-related.

I’m not married to my computer, my phone isn’t smarter than I am, and sometimes I’ll avoid the entire fucking Internet for a week. Or more. So I may not be aware of a problem and I’ll need someone to contact me and let me know there’s a problem.2 Please check one of the above sites first. That’s why I have so many of them.3 All of the above pages are publicly readable, no account on any of those sites is required.

Asocial Media

Follow Crazymeds on your asocial media of choice. Here’s what you can expect to see, besides messages dealing with how fucked up the domain is:

I ignore questions about medications on the above pages, so don’t post any there. That’s what the the Forum is for. The best you’ll get from me are directions to the appropriate page(s) on the wiki, forum topic, and/or the the Crazymeds Facebook Group if you need ((((((((((((HUGzzzzzzzzzzz))))))))))))))))).

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All Change is Bad

The above sites and What’s New page are for the latest significant4 updates to Crazymeds and the Crazymeds Talk forum.
The PmWiki software automagically tracks all changes to all pages, so if you want to see it every little detail in the updates I’ve made5:

Additional Net.Presence

In case you missed these on, or didn’t read the Contact page, Crazymeds is all over on teh interwebs. In addition to all of the sites above, you can find out more about us at:

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How do I get past their anti-telepathic mindcontrol tinfoil hats? | About Crazymeds | What’s the latest gossip?

1 Ever hear the one about the Internet being able to automagically route around any communications roadblocks? Because it was developed to survive a nuclear war? Yeah, well, it used to be like that. Back in the 20th century, before most of TCP/IP was replaced by HTTP and OSI. I could really bore you with my involvement in one of the protocols that was competing with HTTP, because HTTP was just one of several HTML protocols developed in 1989-1994 for use over TCP/IP. I also preferred Beta over VHS. Guess which one was, and still is, used until a TV or video-based movie production company goes completely digital?

2 Not that there's much of a guarantee of reaching me that way either. I'll often leave my phone in my purse, or somewhere in the house out of earshot. And sometimes the battery will run out of juice.

3 And freaking SEO gaming, just like everyone else. I'm just honest enough to admit it.

4 Significant being defined as however important I think something is at the time I'm finished with it.

5 Despite being a perfectionist, and how I used to write internal documentation at a ratio of 2:1, sometimes 3:1 in relationship to actual code, I suck shit when it comes to noting the changes I've made and flagging minor updates. Which means if the only I change I make is adding or removing a comma, it will show up.

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