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US brand name: Zoloft
Generic name: sertraline

Zoloft’s Pros and Cons


  • The slight, but noticeable, dopamine action Zoloft has is often enough to get you out of bed and back to work within a couple of days. You might still be depressed for another two-four weeks, but at least you don’t have to lie in bed staring at the ceiling and ruminating on how much your life sucks.
  • That also makes weight gain less likely.
  • Zoloft has the lowest rate of cardiovascular side effects of any SSRI.


  • The slight dopamine action Zoloft has makes it the worst Serotonin-[sorta-]Selective Reuptake Inhibitor to take if bipolar is known or suspected.
  • Definitely the worst to have taken if your bipolar diagnosis was a surprise.
    • By “the worst” I don’t mean it’s more likely than any other SSRI to trigger mania, that’s the same as all the others. No, by “the worst” I mean you’re more likely to have a dysphoric, smash everything in site, scare the shit out of the kids, have the neighbors call the cops mania instead of a euphoric, max out your credit cards, drive to Vegas and marry a complete stranger mania.
    • Then again, it’s difficult to truly gauge “worst.”
  • While the dopamine action is in the right place to make you sweaty and nervous (like Wellbutrin), and to exacerbate insomnia, it’s nowhere near the right place to prevent sexual side effects.

Interesting Stuff your Doctor Probably didn’t Tell You about Zoloft

  • Zoloft has some interesting pharmacokinetics
    • If you take the tablets with food you’ll get a 25% increase in Zoloft’s peak plasma - the most you’d have in your blood - and it will happen faster, dropping from 8 hours to 5.5.
    • If you take the oral concentrate with food you won’t get any more out of it, but it will take longer to reach that peak amount, from 5.9 to 7 hours.
    • Increased and/or delayed peak plasma when taking meds with food happens all the time. But these numbers only make sense if the volunteers were professional lab rats.
  • Zoloft is one of the few modern antidepressants (not a TCA or MAOI) where taking a month’s worth all at once could possibly kill you.
    • You’d need a prescription for 150–200mg a day, and the odds are still 99-to-1 against you dying
      • unless you take other stuff with it - then who knows what the odds are - but it’s still a greater than zero chance.

Best Known for

The ad campaign featuring rolling blobs. Letting people know they’re bipolar with a big, fat, dysphoric mania.

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« Zoloft’s Side Effects, Warnings, etc. | Zoloft’s Pharmacology »

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