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US brand name: Zoloft
Generic name: sertraline


While Zoloft is no more likely to trigger mania than any other SSRI, due to that dopaminergic kick the symptoms it triggers are a lot worse. Zoloft just gets you way more agitated and sets of these nasty dysphoric manias in the bipolar, which can be a very harsh way to discover that one is bipolar. With the other SSRIs and SNRIs it’s a coin toss as to whether they’ll trigger euphoric manias that will send you on spending sprees or marrying people you just meet, or trigger dysphoric manias that make you destroy all the furniture in a room. But with Zoloft the odds are heavily in favor of the dysphoric mania. That may be why the poor little Zoloft lozenge quit shilling Zoloft so heavily for depression, and now primarily touts its efficacy for social anxiety, panic disorder, PTSD, and PMDD. Then again it could be that Zoloft is just testing better in studies for its other approved uses. In any event, that’s you need to be extra careful with Zoloft, more than most others antidepressants, when it comes to watching out for suicidal thoughts and behavior.

Name, Address, Serial Number (Generic and Overseas Availability)

Available in the US as a generic? Yes

Shapes & Sizes (How Supplied)

  • 25 mg tablet
  • 50 mg tablet
  • 100 mg tablet
  • 20mg/mL oral concentrate

OK, Pfizer keeps telling us that there’s not much evidence that Zoloft works any better at dosages above 50mg a day, so the 100mg tablets must be so you can split them in half and save money, right? And if the recommended dosage for everything is 50mg a day, why the hell is the oral concentrate the equivalent of a non-existent 20mg tablet?

Other Trade Names and Overseas Availability

Not including controlled/extended/sustained release suffixes (Efexor ER, Trevilor retard e.g.) or branded generics that are a hyphenate of the generic name and the drug company name (Apo-Citalopram e.g.).

Available as Zoloft in These Countries

Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Uruguay, Venezuela

Available as Generic Sertraline in These Countries

Belgium (probably the entire EU by now), Colombia, Brazil, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand

Transliterated, Overseas Trade and Branded Generic Names

  • Altruline : Mexico
  • Aremis : Spain
  • Atruline : Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama
  • Besitran : Spain
  • Deprax : Chile
  • Dominum : Colombia, Peru
  • Doxime : Paraguay
  • Gladem : Austria, Germany
  • Lesefer : Colombia
  • Lustral : England, Ireland, Israel
  • Sosser : Colombia
  • Zolof : Colombia
  • Zosert : India
  • Fatral : Indonesia
  • Fridep : Indonesia
  • Nudep : Indonesia
  • Seltra : Korea
  • Sercerin : Brazil
  • Serlain : Belgium
  • Serlift : Malaysia
  • Sertranex : Colombia
  • Sertranquil : Colombia
  • Traline : Korea

Full US PI sheet, Global SPCs & PILs, Other Consumer Review & Rating Sites, and Other Sites that may be of Interest

Zoloft’s Full US Prescribing Information / PI Sheet

Official Sites

Official US Zoloft site It’s basically the PI sheet and an application for a $4.00 copay card

Rating & Review Sites

Other Sites of Interest

DrugsDB.com’s Zoloft Page

Discussion board

If you have any questions not answered here, please see the Crazymeds Zoloft discussion board.


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