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US brand name: Viibryd
Generic name: vilazodone

Viibryd’s Pros and Cons



  • Takes a long time to work.
    • Which isn’t a great property for a med that you want to use when you’re feeling suicidal!

Interesting Stuff your Doctor Probably didn’t Tell You about Viibryd

From the PI sheet: ‘’Absorption is decreased by approximately 25% if vomiting occurs within 7 hours of ingestion.’‘
The only reason that’s interesting is it’s the first time I’ve found the answer to the question, “What happens if I puke after taking my meds?” Viibryd is turning out to be pretty boring.

Vybrid - note the spelling difference - is the name of a microprocessor used in industrial machinery (assembly-line robots e.g.) and a line of shoes with the “five-finger” design. Like gloves for your feet. As a common misspelling for Viibryd I’m sure both companies are pleased to no end that crazies conflate their products with a crazy med.

Best Known for

Giving you diarrhea that’s worse than what you’d get from drinking a quart of Tijuana tap water.1

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« Viibryd’s Side Effects, Warnings, etc. | Viibryd’s Pharmacology »

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1 In all fairness to Mexico I found the tap water in San Jose del Cabo to taste vastly better than the tap water in Peoria, IL. Then again, the water in San Jose del Cabo tastes better than the unfiltered tap water from my house, while the water in Peoria tastes almost as bad as the oral solution of some meds.

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