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US brand name: Viibryd
Generic name: vilazodone


I’m disappointed with Viibryd. Not from taking it, as anything like an SSRI and I don’t get along. I disappointed because this is the most boring drug on the planet. When I started studying its mechanism of action I thought it would be something really useful, even if it is essentially Paxil and BuSpar in one pill. Once I started reading people’s experiences it turns out that a Paxil and BuSpar cocktail isn’t universally effective for people who sort of respond to SSRIs. If an SSRI worked for you and later pooped out on you (tachyphylaxis), Viibryd is worth a shot. Although “pooped out” will probably take on an entirely new meaning, as you’ll probably poop out everything you eat within 10 minutes for the first few weeks. Or for as long as you take it. If SSRIs or SNRIs never worked for you, Viibryd would be a waste of time and side effects.

Viibryd supposedly has fewer sexual side effects than SSRIs. I don’t believe that, and neither does Dr. Carlat.

One thing I have noticed from reading the reviews and various experiences with Viibryd, when it does work it works really well. Viibryd isn’t hated any more than other crazy meds, like Effexor is, so it’s either going to be the best thing that ever happened to you, or it will be just another drug that didn’t work out.

Viibryd is potent. If Paxil was too much for you, don’t even think about getting near a bottle of Viibryd. The only things that keeps it from being legal LSD are being an agonist at a 5-HT receptor just to the left of the psychedelic sweet spot, and its (literally) shitty bioavailability1.

Name, Address, Serial Number (Generic and Overseas Availability)

Available in the US as a generic? No

Shapes & Sizes (How Supplied)

 Oval tablets with the dosage printed on one side. The colors are:
  • 10mg - pink tablets
  • 20mg - orange tablets
  • 40mg - blue tablets

Other Trade Names and Overseas Availability

Not including controlled/extended/sustained release suffixes (Efexor ER, Trevilor retard e.g.) or branded generics that are a hyphenate of the generic name and the drug company name (Apo-Citalopram e.g.).

Other Trade Names

ビラゾドン ( Birazodon ) - Japan

Full US PI sheet, Global SPCs & PILs, Other Consumer Review & Rating Sites, and Other Sites that may be of Interest

Viibryd’s Full US Prescribing Information / PI Sheet

Official Sites

Official US Viibryd site

Rating & Review Sites

Discussion board

If you have any questions not answered here, please see the Crazymeds Viibryd discussion board.


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  13. Viibryd’s heavily redacted NDA

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1 OK, at 72% Viibryd's bioavailability, and pharmacokinetics in general, really aren't all that bad. But you get that 72% bioavailability only if you take vilazodone with food. You'd be lucky to get 43% bioavailability if you took vilazodone on an empty stomach.

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