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US brand name: Remeron
Generic name: mirtazapine

Remeron’s Pros and Cons


  • If serotonin and/or norepinephrine are the answer for you, it will pull you out of the deepest, blackest depression like no other medication will.
  • It may not be as good as Seroquel or Zyprexa for knocking you out, but it’s better than trazodone for the combination of depression and insomnia.


  • You may literally eat sugar straight out of the bag to satisfy your cravings for sweet carbohydrates. By “literally” I mean I have received e-mails from, and read reports by, people who have done exactly that.
  • You may sleep too well.
  • Has one of the highest poop-out (tachyphylaxis) rates of any med, antidepressant or otherwise.

Interesting Stuff your Doctor Probably didn’t Tell You about Remeron

Remeron will make you more drunk. So while liquor as no effect upon Remeron, the opposite is not true, so be extra careful if you want to have the occasional drink.

Best Known for

Two things: Making you fatter than Zyprexa and pooping-out nearly as fast as Gabitril. Like after just a month or so. Works great, then quits on you.

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« Remeron’s Side Effects, Warnings, etc. | Remeron’s Pharmacology »

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