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US brand name: Cymbalta
Generic name: duloxetine


In a rare case of useful information in advertising, Eli Lilly’s “Depression Hurts” campaign let people know that physical pain is a common symptom of MDD. It’s too bad that they dropped the part about all meds that are serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (including cheap-as-dirt TCAs) could help with depression-induced pain from the TV commercials. In fairness to Lilly, they did need to free up some time to address that bit about severe liver problems.

Cymbalta is vastly more potent than Effexor (venlafaxine) and Pristiq, so transitioning to or from either Effexor or Pristiq has to be done carefully. The estimated achievable equivalency is 20mg of duloxetine HCL = 50mg of desvenlafaxine succinate = 75mg of venlafaxine HCl. “Achievable” meaning, “based upon the dosages available.”

Cymbalta has gone from being the poster child for anti-antidepressant hysteria to being one of the top-prescribed drugs in the country. Although its use as an analgesic are as much responsible for that as its use as an antidepressant and anxiolytic (anti-anxiety drug). In fact, Lilly has positioned it primarily as a non-narcotic pain medication instead of a psychiatric medication. Why? Because there’s no stigma1 in having and taking medications for chronic pain, and less stigma = more money. Hey Lilly, ever thought about funding some anti-stigma campaigns that actually work?2

Name, Address, Serial Number (Generic and Overseas Availability)

Available in the US as a generic? Yes

Shapes & Sizes (How Supplied)

20 mg capsules , 30 mg capsules , and 60 mg capsules

Other Trade Names and Overseas Availability

Not including controlled/extended/sustained release suffixes (Efexor ER, Trevilor retard e.g.) or branded generics that are a hyphenate of the generic name and the drug company name (Apo-Citalopram e.g.).

Available as Cymbalta in These Countries

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, EU, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Peru, UK

Other Trade Names

  • Ariclaim - EU (diabetic peripheral neuropathy)
  • Duxetin - Argentina
  • Xeristar - Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Spain
  • Yentreve - EU (stress urinary incontinence)

Transliterated, Overseas Trade and Branded Generic Names

  • clorhidrato de duloxetina - Spanish-language INN
  • duloxetina como clorhidrato - another Spanish-language INN
  • Dakermina - Venezuela

Full US PI sheet, Global SPCs & PILs, Other Consumer Review & Rating Sites, and Other Sites that may be of Interest

Cymbalta’s Full US Prescribing Information / PI Sheet

Official Sites

  • Cymbalta’s official US site - This one harkens back to the early YIIKes! decade, when Big Pharma websites were full of sample packs, self-diagnosis questionnaires, and stuff that could be useful if they bothered to do some real work. C’mon guys, I know all the money is in pain, but can’t you make the “family & friends” pages on the brain cooties sections as good as the one for diabetic nerve pain?
  • Cymbalta Pregnancy Registry. Why would a drug that is pregnancy category C and has no report of human side show freaks in the PI sheet need a pregnancy registry? Because Lilly has good lawyers. I can’t tell if Cymbalta has actually caused any birth defects or miscarriages or not. The only references to Cymbalta and birth defects, miscarriages, etc. that I can find are on lawsuit and fearmonger sites.

PI Sheets from Around the World

The health departments of some of Spain’s numerous autonomous communities (and they are pretty damn autonomous) publish their own SPCs and PILs. Here are some I found, and found somewhat interesting:

Although published by the local governments, the SPCs are much shorter in the local languages than the ones in Spanish. I don’t know if that’s due to translation difficulties or what. Still, at least they’re publishing SPCs and PILs in Basque, Catalan, and probably all the other languages spoken in Spain.

Rating & Review Sites

Other Sites of Interest

DrugsDB.com’s Cymbalta Page

Discussion board

If you have any questions not answered here, please see the Crazymeds Cymbalta discussion board.


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1 Outside of the military and similar cultures with a "walk it off" attitude for anything that isn't cancer.

2 I.e. Not NAMBLA's NAMI's useless stigma busting campaigns that spend too much time and money combating sitcoms, TV commercials, and arguing about using "patient" or "consumer" in literature. Oh, and they haven't done anything since January 2011.

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