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US brand name: Abilify
Generic name: aripiprazole


A is for Abilify. A is also for:

  • Antidepressant add-on
  • Activating
  • Agitation
  • Acidic burping
  • Anxiety
  • Akathisia
  • Agonist, dopamine

In case you don’t watch enough TV, Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) is pushing Abilify as an add-on for your antidepressant (AD). Depression is a far more socially acceptable form of brain cooties than bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, so it’s no surprise that you’ll see way more ads about ADs than mood stabilizers. And recent approvals are always heavily advertized. In any event, there’s way more money in depression than there is in bipolar and schizophrenia combined, so expect Abilify to be marketed as a med that fills a common niche - as an add-on to ADs that are pretty close to working - and is a part of a proven strategy - combining an AAP with an AD. Abilify’s big advantage is being the only AAP currently approved by the FDA for that application. Not counting Zyprexa, which only has the approval when mixed with Prozac in prepackaged form under the name Symbyax.

As with most APs, I liked Abilify. It really helped me with the stupids, giving me more clarity of thought than Zyprexa. And, like most APs, Abilify didn’t like me. After a week on a dosage of 2mg every other day I was waking up with a seizure hangover every morning. After ten days I was waking up with a seizure hangover and then having an aura. The occasional nocturnal seizure I could live with; two seizures a day, every day, was beyond unacceptable.

Name, Address, Serial Number (Generic and Overseas Availability)

Available in the US as a generic? Pending

Shapes & Sizes (How Supplied)

  • 2 mg tablets green with “A-006” and “2” imprinted
  • 5 mg tablets blue with “A-007” and “5” imprinted
  • 10 mg tablets pink with “A-008” and “10” imprinted
  • 15 mg tablets yellow with “A-009” and “15” imprinted
  • 20 mg tablets white with “A-010” and “20” imprinted
  • 30 mg tablets pink with “A-011” and “30” imprinted
  • Orally Disintegrating Tablets (ODT)
    • 10 mg pink & scattered specks with “A 640” and “10” imprinted
    • 15 mg yellow & scattered specks with “A 641” and “15” imprinted
  • Oral Solution: 1 mg/mL
  • Intramuscular Injection: 9.75 mg/1.3 mL single-dose vial
  • 1% Powder for DIY oral solution (In Japan only, so far as I’ve found.)
Abilify 2 mg tablets
Abilify 2 mg Tablets

Other Trade Names and Overseas Availability

Not including controlled/extended/sustained release suffixes (Efexor ER, Trevilor retard e.g.) or branded generics that are a hyphenate of the generic name and the drug company name (Apo-Citalopram e.g.).

Available as Abilify in These Countries

Argentina, Australia, Canada, EU, India, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, UK

Available as Generic Aripiprazole in These Countries


Transliterated, Overseas Trade and Branded Generic Names

  • エビリファイ: Japan
  • Arip
  • Aripiprex
  • Asprito
  • aripiprazol

Full US PI sheet, Global SPCs & PILs, Other Consumer Review & Rating Sites, and Other Sites that may be of Interest

Abilify’s Full US Prescribing Information / PI Sheet

Official Sites

PI Sheets from Around the World

Abilify is the first med I’ve come across where most of the overseas product information is more detailed than what we get in the US. I’ve come to expect the EMA to publish more info, but not ten times as much. Oh, wait, they’ve got the same damn info repeated for every frickin’ dosage. Still, when Health Canada has a PM over 3 times as long as the US PI sheet, and Australia’s is twice as long, and there are fewer approvals in each country, you’ve got to wonder what the hell BMS doesn’t want you to know.

Rating & Review Sites

Other Sites of Interest

DrugsDB.com’s Abilify Page

Discussion board

If you have any questions not answered here, please see the Crazymeds Abilify discussion board.


  1. Full US Abilify PI Sheet
  2. Stahl, Stephen M. Stahl’s Essential Psychopharmacology: Neuroscientific Basis and Practical Applications (Essential Psychopharmacology Series) Third edition
  3. Stahl, Stephen M. The Prescriber’s Guide (Essential Psychopharmacology Series) Third edition Cambridge University Press 2009. ISBN:978–0521743990
  4. The Efficacy and Safety of Lower Doses of Aripiprazole for the Treatment of Patients with Acute Exacerbation of Schizophrenia
  5. Aripiprazole in the Maintenance Treatment of Bipolar Disorder: A Critical Review of the Evidence and Its Dissemination into the Scientific Literature
  6. Population pharmacokinetic modelling of aripiprazole and its active metabolite, dehydroaripiprazole, in psychiatric patients
  7. Chronic Treatment With Aripiprazole Prevents Development of Dopamine Supersensitivity and Potentially Supersensitivity Psychosis
  8. Aripiprazole in the Maintenance Treatment of Bipolar Disorder: A Critical Review of the Evidence and Its Dissemination into the Scientific Literature

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