Antidepressant Topic Index | Classifications of Antidepressants

  • Drugs and other treatments approved by the US FDA to treat major depressive disorder (MDD), other depression-spectrum conditions, and anxiety-spectrum disorders (GAD, OCD, PTSD, etc.).
    • Including some1 trade names used overseas - to treat major depressive disorder (MDD)
    • Not all drugs are available under their brand name, and some overseas trade names are obsolete; both are included here to assist anyone who knows only the now-obsolete brand/trade names.
  • Meds and other treatments approved outside of the US to treat MDD or anxiety but approved to treat something else in the US (Savella, e.g.).
  • Everything for which I don’t have a page I have whatever useful link I could find. Usually prescribing information / summary of product characteristics.
  • Some meds that aren’t chemically ADs (Abilify, Lamictal) are included because they are either approved or commonly used off-label to augment ADs, or used off-label as monotherapy to treat depression spectrum disorders.
    • Some Antipsychotics are approved for use overseas to treat depression.
  • A few substances that are sold as supplements in the US, and medications elsewhere.
    • Remember, in the US supplements are barely regulated.
    • So there is no guarantee what is in the bottle is the same as what the label promises.
  • I’ve also included other non-medication treatment options:
    • Talk Therapy
    • Neuromodulation (zapping your brain) options
  • Basically this is almost everything, everywhere, that I could find that real doctors use to treat depression2, and many treatments that are used for both depression and anxiety.
  • By my count there are 56 available treatments in the US, out of a little over 90 available worldwide.
    • So the next time someone says they’ve used ADKH for their depression and/or anxiety, break out the O RLY owl.

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Antidepressant Topic Index

1 "Some" meaning "Mostly in countries where most of the people speak English," because over 96% of the traffic to this site is from places where English is the primary language. I'm also including the more popular trade names used outside of the US, even if they're in non-Latin character sets.

2 Many real doctors will use supplements like amino acids, SAMe, etc. to treat depression and anxiety. I listed only omega-3 EFAs and St. John's Wort / hyperforin & hypericin here because there's a decent amount of evidence those can work by themselves for mild-to-moderate depression. There's also a decent amount of evidence that omega-3 EFAs can be an effective add-on to actual meds when treating severe depression.

3 Catarol/Vivalan (viloxazine) is considered an orphan drug in the US to treat catalepsy and narcolepsy. ICI (now AstraZeneca) tried to get it approved for depression in the US under the Vivalan brand, failed, but managed to get orphan drug quasi-approval for catalepsy and narcolepsy. If you live in the US, Strattera and reboxetine (assuming you found someone to prescribe reboxetine) were the only meds that worked but you had to stop taking them for some reason, good fucking luck trying to get a doctor to prescribe Catarol (viloxazine) for depression AND get clearance to import it from a legitimate overseas pharmacy in the four countries where it's still available. I cannot find anything on the FDA's site about how consumers are supposed to get orphan drugs, just what manufacturers are supposed to do when they have orphan drugs.

4 And for historical purposes, but there may still be some fucked-up health insurance plans where this sort of thing is necessary.

Once upon a time when mental health wasn't covered by many insurance policies, it was possible to get a Zyban prescription instead of a Wellbutrin prescription from some doctors. Because Zyban is the same as Wellbutrin SR. And some people who are deeply depressed needed a really long time to quit smoking. Even if they never smoked before meeting the sympathetic doctor who knew who to game the messed-up system run by insurance companies who are more than happy to pay for preventative treatments so you don't get expensive cancer, but don't give a rat's ass for nutjobs like us.

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