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Ad blocking software is killing free-content sites.

I can't make a living off of what little revenue the site now generates, so please enjoy this preview of the New and Improved Ad-Free Crazymeds as it follows Pharmacology Weekly to the grave. I figure, if no one is willing to pay for my content by merely clicking on unobtrusive text ads - that I had to ramp up to the truly obnoxious creep-overs when the majority of visitors to this site blocked the ones I preferred - why the hell should I make any of said content available?

Concerned about privacy and tracking? ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS DISABLE THIRD PARTY COOKIES IN YOUR FUCKING BROWSER! Like I told you to do in the Privacy Policy. And get something like CCleaner - I recommend buying the full product, so it will automagically erase all the cookies you don't explicitly want it to keep every time you close your browser. There's a shitload of anti-spyware software out there. Some of it is even FREE, for all you cheap-ass, Owenite leeches.

For over ten years I have provided a forum for people to discuss their meds and assorted brain cooties. Last year 3,000,000 people visited the forum. Wanna know how many ads were clicked on? $3,500 worth, that's how many.

This site is how I make my living. What is the point of dealing with the hassle of running a forum for 10,000 members and 3,000,000 annual visitors for that sort of return? You want something for nothing, without any ads? Find a fucking drum circle.

Thanks for your support

Crazymeds may return to what it used to be ... eventually. It depends on how long it takes me to get the software that redirects people who are blocking ads to a version of what you now see, and lets those of you who don't use it / have whitelisted Crazymeds / have subscribed to the site (when I manage to get that working) to work. If my coding skills were what they were 15 years ago I wouldn't need to be running a website for my fellow nutjobs. I could have a real job.

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