Here's Your Ad-Free Crazymeds!

If you're going to visit this site with ad blocking software activated, this is all you'll get to see:

Ad blocking software is killing free-content sites.

I can't make a living off of what little revenue Crazymeds has been generating lately, so if you don't want ads, why the hell should you see any of the content?  I wasn't charging any money for it.  All I needed was 2-3% of the people who visited this site to click on one of the unobtrusive, and usually relevant, text ads.  That was it.  And for ten years that model worked.  Then everyone had ad-blocking software installed, less than 0.1% of people who visited clicked on anything, and Crazymeds is following Pharmacology Weekly to the grave.  My IRA is going to run dry eventually, so it's got to start making money again, or I have to find a new way to earn a living while being batshit crazy.  SSDI is no longer an option because, even though I'm crazier now than I was 14 years ago, Social Security thinks I'm OK to work because Crazymeds used to make plenty of money.  That it doesn't make any money now is just my tough luck.  If, by some miracle, I find another way to make money, this site is toast.  I'll let you do the math.  Take all the time you need.  Math is obviously hard for people who don't understand that ads pay for free content.

Concerned about privacy and tracking?  ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS DISABLE THIRD PARTY COOKIES IN YOUR FUCKING BROWSER!  Like I told you to do in the Privacy Policy.  For years.  And get something like CCleaner - I recommend buying the full product, so it will automagically erase all the cookies you don't explicitly want it to keep every time you close your browser. There's a shitload of anti-spyware software out there.  Some of it is even FREE, for all you cheap-ass, Owenite leeches.

For over ten years I have provided a forum for people to discuss their meds and assorted brain cooties. In 2015 3,000,000 people visited the forum.  Wanna know how many ads were clicked on?  $3,500 worth, that's how many.

This site is how I make my living.  What is the point of dealing with the hassle of running a forum for 10,000 members and 3,000,000 annual visitors for that sort of return?  You want something for nothing, without any ads? Find a fucking drum circle.  Otherwise, add to your whitelist and click on an ad that's relevant to whatever your problem is.

How do you think I feel for having to berate people about the obvious?  Things cost money.  Domain hosts.  Medication.  Food.  Electricity.  I failed at begging when I was homeless, so I don't do this sort of thing very well.

Or you can just go someplace else.  There are plenty of places that offer more than regurgitated PI sheets, and tons of fora covering a wide spectra of brain cooties that are mercifully free of ((((((((((((((HUGZZZ!!!!))))))))))))))))))))).

Thanks for your support.