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Your experiences with SeroquelXR

Tell us what you think about SeroquelXR

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I appreciate Seroquel XR as opposed to immediate-release Seroquel (quetiapine fumarate). By taking one dose of Seroquel XR 300 mg, your mean plasma concentration of quetiapine is approximately equal to taking two daily doses (12 hours apart) of 150 mg IR Seroquel over a 24 hour period. The benefit is twofold: the convenience of once daily dosing, and the avoidance of massive spikes in quetiapine in the plasma following each IR dose. I know I can personally detect a big difference in how XR feels compared to multiple IR doses. With XR, I don’t get sleep for almost 3 hours post-dose, and I do not feel tired at all the next day even though the drug is still being released into my body.

As far as either formulation of quetiapine fumurate, they are rather mild as far as antipsychotics go. While the sedation can take some getting used to, the extrapyramidal side-effects (EPSEs) are very low to nonexistant. No terrible restless legs, no worries about taking Artane or Cogentin with this one. And I don’t worry about tardive dyskinesia (TD) nearly as much as something more potent like risperidone or haloperidol.

This drug is often underdosed in practice, with many doctors not allowing a high enough dose to have real antipsychotic effects. I’ve heard that the AP effect does not really kick in until at least 400 mg, which is within the final dosage range recommended by AstraZeneca. I know I have to be on about 600–800 mg to get real control over my moods - much less than that and Seroquel is just a damn good sleep aid. The sedation can be overcome with persistence and regular dosing. This is one of my favorite and most beneficial drugs.

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