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Jerod Poore reviewing/commenting on their experiences with Neurontin (gabapentin)   wrote:

Your experiences with Neurontin (gabapentin)

Tell us what you think about Neurontin

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ouchie-booboo reviewing/commenting on their experiences with Neurontin (gabapentin)   wrote:

neurotin and “i want it now” sex issues

does anyone else on neurotin have increased sex drive? I’ve only been taking it for less than a week at 300mg 3 times a day and this falls in the freakishly rare side effects. not that im complaining my head pain is improving but holy shit i want just about all the time. also how does neurotin help with menoppause since im starting to go through it and im only 45.

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melanieMc97 reviewing/commenting on their experiences with Neurontin (gabapentin)   wrote:

neurontin side effects

I’ve been taking neurontin for approximately four years. I’ve noticed two bothersome side effects: hot flashes (sweating); and horrendous edema in my hands, as well as in my legs (from the knees down) and feet. I have stopped taking it a few times, as I’m not really sure how much it’s helping the chronic pain in my right leg and foot (especially since the edema makes the pain worse), but I keep starting it up again in hopes that it will help. I have stopped “cold turkey”, as well as by tapering down the dosage, and either way, I have withdrawal symptoms consisting of night sweats lasting at least a week. Anecdotally, when I was incarcerated in state prison a few years ago, neurontin was in high demand by inmates who either crushed the pills or opened the capsules in order to snort the powder. Evidently, one can get high that way, though I’ve never tried it myself. Also, most people who took neurontin were prescribed it by the prison psychiatrist as a “mood stabilizer”; only a few of us were taking it for peripheral nerve pain.

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GinRebekah reviewing/commenting on their experiences with Neurontin (gabapentin)   wrote:

Really Weird Neurontin Side Effect

My neurologist recently switched me from Trileptal to Neurontin and I seem to be having some very strange and unexpected side effects. To make a long story short, I basically feel like I’m on some sort of stimulant. I’m not tired at all when I’m normally always tired, my heart rate is sometimes increased, I have a decreased appetite, and I just feel spaced out and weird. Has anyone had a similar experience with this medication?

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SophieBlue reviewing/commenting on their experiences with Neurontin (gabapentin)   wrote:

Weird Tastes, Edema, and Brain Mush

I have chronic nerve pain (“toothache pain”) from a disk issue in my neck, and refuse to have ANOTHER surgery. Wanting to cut down on the hydrocodone, I tried neurontin. Oy. The worst was the brain mush. Can’t remember words, can’t analyze, can’t read. This is a problem since I make a living off my brain and my words. But the weirdest bit is the garlic. I can’t stand garlic. Can’t stand the smell, can’t stand the taste. I used to LOVE garlic. What I don’t understand is why the medical community is so terrified of prescribing hydrocodone (which I use judiciously) and which has minimal side effects, but is happy to send out huge amounts of neurontin and other strange drugs with horrid side effects and similar ‘withdrawal” issues. Go figure. Back to my lortabs because at least with those I can eat garlic and I can think.

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flowergirl reviewing/commenting on their experiences with Neurontin (gabapentin)   wrote:


This has been a nightmare for me.The generic being switched started side effects that I can’t stop.I take 2 doses though instead of 3.This may be an issue but when I take more the side effectsare unbearable, mostly mental.I’m dragging my feet calling the doctor because of the withdrawal.I, ve been taking this drug for 3 years.600mgs a day..I’ve become very frightened of this drug.

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