for Depression, Migraines, Bipolar Disorder, Epilepsy, Schizophrenia, & Assorted Other Brain Cooties

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  • One-column/frame options:
    • iPhone, Android, Galaxy, or other smart phone - Navigation sidebar and the searching are separate links.
    • Large phones/small tablets Screen width 800 pixels. E.g. Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy S3. Navigation links at the top of the screen. Uses a stripped-down version of the Triad skin, so most wiki features are available. This option has been disabled until I’m able to fix an error that causes some mobile devices to get stuck.
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    • Not-so-smart phones or other mobile devices - You’ll probably want to use this one only if either of the above options doesn’t work for you. If your display is too small you’ll see the navigation bar above the content in one frame and have to do a lot of scrolling.
    • Mid-sized tablets, small laptops Screen width 1,024 pixels. E.g. Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 - Left (navigation) sidebar displayed, right sidebar available.
  • Three-column/frame options:

One-, two- & three-column refer to the initial display, although displaying either or both columns on an 800-pixel-wide screen would be funny-looking.

The options for devices with screen widths of 800 pixels and greater use the Triad skin, which allows you to toggle the display of both left and sidebars. You can also control the text size (in the upper right corner, next to the HONcode badge), and choose the width of the display, the font, and the color scheme (the bottom of the right side bar). From any wiki page, not just here. Using the display layout options at the bottom of the right sidebar, and manually hiding or showing the sidebars, works a hell of a lot better than this page. But if you want to switch between skins/themes that are designed for phones and the one designed for desktops, laptops, and tablets, you’re stuck with this page.

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