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Ad blocking software is killing free-content sites.

I can't make a living off of what little revenue the site now generates, so please enjoy this preview of the New and Improved Ad-Free Crazymeds as it follows Pharmacology Weekly to the grave. I figure, if no one is willing to pay for my content by merely clicking on unobtrusive text ads - that I had to ramp up to the truly obnoxious creep-overs when the majority of visitors to this site blocked the ones I preferred - why the hell should I make any of said content available?

Concerned about privacy and tracking? ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS DISABLE THIRD PARTY COOKIES IN YOUR FUCKING BROWSER! Like I told you to do in the Privacy Policy. And get something like CCleaner - I recommend buying the full product, so it will automagically erase all the cookies you don't explicitly want it to keep every time you close your browser. There's a shitload of anti-spyware software out there. Some of it is even FREE, for all you cheap-ass, Owenite leeches.

For over ten years I have provided a forum for people to discuss their meds and assorted brain cooties. Last year 3,000,000 people visited the forum. Wanna know how many ads were clicked on? $3,500 worth, that's how many.

This site is how I make my living. What is the point of dealing with the hassle of running a forum for 10,000 members and 3,000,000 annual visitors for that sort of return? You want something for nothing, without any ads? Find a fucking drum circle.

Thanks for your support

Crazymeds may return to what it used to be ... eventually. Until then I suggest reading these:

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