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Zombie Like Feeling - Normal Or Passing Side Effect On 40Mg?

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#1 carebear


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  • Diagnoses:Mild depression
  • Current Meds:Fluoxetine 20mg

Posted 28 June 2012 - 01:15 PM

Hi all,

Speaking personally I've taken Fluoxetine 20mg daily on and off for years and for me its the best thing ever - some sexual side effects but it lets me get on with my life and feel normal and positive and takes away the depression and panic attacks I used to suffer with.

My wife also has a long history on antidepressants - however after a period of remission and no meds she crashed and has had to restart on a regime of meds. She started on 20mg Citalopram but after 4 weeks it didn't give her enough of a boost. She was switched to Fluoxetine 20mg and had a great first couple of weeks - in fact she was doing really great but we moved house and in spite of my requests for her to rest she wouldn't and crashed a few days after the move. Don't get me wrong - she had some horrible side effects including nausea, insomnia, feeling groggy and spaced out - but it all passed. After the crash she was put up to 40mg a day and all the side effects she had returned with a vengence - many have passed or are passing but she still feels low and the worst is she feels like a zombie (as she puts it) - apathetic, slow, no interest in anything. From talking to her I'm not clear if she's getting much of a boost yet or not - she will have been on them 3 weeks by the time Saturday rolls around.

Now it's not been the full 6-8 weeks on 40mg yet but we're really worried about the zombie like feeling and grogginess - she is fed up which is unsurprising.

The question is - is it worth holding on? Does anyone else have experience with this side effect and if so does it pass? Do we have to ride it through or go back to the doctor for advice? Any insight would be great - but I've not had time to write a huge amount of detail tonight so if there's anything it would help to know please ask me. This is my first post here so be gentle - but I've seen my wife through a lot so I hope I can help others along the way here.

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#2 the_dude


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  • Diagnoses:Severe stress and suicidal depression
  • Current Meds:Fluroxetine (aka Prozac?)
  • Location:UK - England

Posted 05 August 2012 - 05:13 PM

Hi Carebear,
Im from uk and recentley started a 20mg regime (5 days in now), I suffered for 2 years with stress and suicidal depression (im 24),
many things to say and little things I can do to make it better,

Im pretty underweight too and high motabolism so Im thinking these tablets have worked a bit quicker than anticipated, 2nd day I felt semi-calm and today (5th) im just a emotionless zombie,

You said your wife felt good for first 2 weeks of fluroxetine?, then started getting zombie feeling.

I have read it takes between a week to a month or more to take effect, maybe she is just feeling it now and its settled?.

I was extremely suicidal and at boiling point everyday, atleast 10 times a day I would loose my temper and get angry, and after work I'd go home and be depressed and it just got worse and worse over 2 years.

Work triggered my suicidal tendancies and im signed off at this moment, I went to doctors and saw the state I was in and gave me 20mg fluroxetine.

Im suprised how quick they worked to be honest but yes I do have complete emotionless feelings toward things, stare at walls and if im thinking about something negative I would just sigh so slightly and I seem to do this all the time.

Im seeing doctors in next day so I can confirm if this is how I am supposed to be with this zombie state of mind.

I think this fluroxetine is supposed to suppress emotions, not thoughts.

I am fed up still yes just like your wife but I cant run away from my problems, they stare me in the face every day, but this fluroxetine has just made me cope is probably more the word im thinking in my head, before I would lash out at people and be very hostile.

I can ressolve matters in my head easier now as before my anger or anxiety made me not think straight so on the spot calculations are easier.

overall I would say I dont feel happy because of my troubles but how is a drug supposed to make you forget your troubles?, I personally think its just a drug to make you cope better.

I do hope your wife is doing well Carebear and I will post up to say what my doctor says in the next day.


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#3 the_dude


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  • Diagnoses:Severe stress and suicidal depression
  • Current Meds:Fluroxetine (aka Prozac?)
  • Location:UK - England

Posted 07 August 2012 - 05:49 PM

Hi all,

Well I went to doctors today and had some other people I had seen aswell regarding stress etc, I did ask both my doctor and the other people I had to see about being very zombie-like and neither actually said anything really,
Was alot to talk about to be honest so I was a bit overwhelmed at that point in time.

I have just done my 7 days worth and now have 30 days worth of 20mg fluoxetine so I will update at the end of my 30 days worth.

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#4 kennedyhancock


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  • Diagnoses:MDD, Panic Attacks, GAD, ADD, Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, Migraines,
  • Current Meds:Adderall XR, Adderall IR, Topamax, Clonazepam, Inderal
  • Location:Tampa, Florida

Posted 17 August 2012 - 02:33 PM

Blasted! I don't think the Prozac is working so well for me either. Yes I feel like a zombie and the apathy is annoying. The addition of Adderall has been a blessing as far a my mood picking up and no more spacey distracted feelings. I am able to concentrate and it calms me. I am thinking that the Prozac has kicked it and it is making the Adderall a bit less effective. I do have more options to try yet, although I have blown through almost the whole gamut of SSRIs and a few SNRIs. I am always worried that I am not giving it a chance but I have been on it for two months. I did take Symbrax which has Prozac and the AP combo but it left me numb, asleep, or hung over from it and did work a bit until it caused me some side effects that I personally had real problems with. Someone who is underweight would not have the same issues or fear of weight gain. I put on weight just filling the prescription and then there was the cost. Now I have gone off track. Back to Prozac...I am on the 40 mg, I still just don't feel good or right in the mind and I really don't know how much longer I should try to continue the Prozac, before I tell my pdoc I've struck out again with the SSRI part of my cocktail.
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Current RX: AdderallXR 30mgx1 A.M. Adderall  30x1 P.M.  Clonazepam 1mgx2  PRN, Propranolol 10mgx3 PRN  Butalbutal-APAP-CAF 50-325-40mg Topiramate 100 mg.
Other: Simvastatin 40mg, Benazapril HTCZ,12.5 mg low dose aspirin.Omega 3s: EPA 300mg,DHA 200mg, Fish Oil 1060mg. Multi Vitamin w/ Vitamin K, Metafolin.

Past Rx: Dilantin(Steven Johnson's Syndrome -the rash?= almost fatal), Mysoline, Tegretol, Paxil(10 years and pooped), Wellbutrin, Lexapro, Celexa, Symbrax, Seroquel, Xanax. Pristiq( hated it,worst withdrawal syndrome ever) Prozac don't think it was doing much anymore.

Some of my panic attacks are symptomatic of having Mitral Valve Prolapse, take propranolol and prophylaxis antibiotics when I have dental work for the MVP. Fear of having a seizure, especially in public, GAD and social phobias respond well to clonazepam. Still have lots of bad depressive days but manage them enough now that my ADD is being treated as well. My current meds seem to be just what I need.

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