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Switching From Seroquel To Trazodone

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#1 Cuddljunkie


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Posted 06 January 2012 - 07:02 PM

Now I have question (I will look up the answer as well) but when starting Trazodone, should I really be quitting Seroquel XR cold turkey? That is what my doctor had me do, and I was nervous about it, because I had always heard that just stopping any drug was a bad idea, but since I was 'under a physician's care' I figured it might be okay.. So last night, I decided I was going to avoid taking seroquel if at all possible. Well it was hell. Here is my story, I apologize if it long but I wanted to describe what happened.
I took the Trazodone around 11 and began to get dizzy and wanting to lay down by 11:30....but I didn't sleep, I still had thoughts going through my head. Not racing thoughts I just couldn't turn off my brain and I was feeling cold, cold enough that I switched pj's to something warmer (and last night was one of the warmest night we have had in a week, which I found odd since I had been comfortable in my light weight pjs even when it was cold). I also felt my heart beating for a little while but it wasn't fast or anything and went away after about an hour. I often hear my heart beat when I sleep I use ear plugs and it sounds fast this was different as I said I felt it but it wasn't too fast or so. I wasn't too concerned, I know one of the rare side effects of the med is irregular or fast heartbeat but I don't think that was it this time
Anyway after about two hours I broke down and checked the drugs.com interaction checker and took 2 -500mg of Tylenol and 400 mg of valerian root. The Tylenol dose was high I know but I have been on a higher dose of it since I was a teen (of course I think I was on double dose of 250mg not 500mg but I have been taking a higher dose for so long I am not sure, and I am trying to wean down, but that is another discussion) and tried to sleep. They didn't help at all, I continued to be restless and somewhat dizzy when I stood up or moved around, I think the dizziness was a sign the trazodone was sort of working.
I tossed and turned for a bit and I then noticed my skin was hurting (at first it felt like my skin was so cold it hurt, but after a while it just sort of hurt and then felt itchy). It was about 3:30 I figured I needed to focus on something else other than sleeping I looked up information about signs Trazodone was not working. I saw something about getting a rash, so I went to the bathroom and checked my skin. No rash, but it definitely itched badly so I put some Benadryl cream on it (which stung) and came back to bed, the stinging went away.
I rested for few more minutes but really couldn't settle so I continued to look up stuff on my phone. I found an blog about Seroquel and Trazodone or questions it wasn't that helpful, I don't think, but it made me look up Seroquel withdrawal symptom, and I found a blog about someone who tried to stop taking Seroquel cold turkey without telling their doctor and was alarmed at her reaction (and that she tried without tell her doctor) but she was fine so I didn't worry about, but then continued to look at Seroquel withdrawal and found out that as Seroquel has an antihistamine effect and other people have had itchiness when they get off of it. Reading that I went and took 2 Benadryl and well tossed and turned yet again about ten minutes, (I really was trying to sleep) but now was worrying about the withdrawal symptoms of the Seroquel.
So I continued to look up the symptoms again, and they matched a lot of what I was feeling, restless, slightly agitated, (but that could because I was tired of not sleeping and really, really wanted just sleep. I looked up drug interactions again on drugs.com and didn't see anything hugely concerning. There were several 'moderate' interactions with what I had taken but I had taken all the same things with Seroquel and I had been fine so I figure I was tired enough to try again (I know I shouldn't assume but I was so tired and frustrated) This time I took 1 mg of klonipin, this was about 4:00 am and I still hadn't slept.
I then figured I needed to try and stop worrying about everything so I watched some Firefly on my phone which has Netflix, (the second half of one episode and fast forwarded through another) then realized that wasn't working and found some sleep hypnosis stuff on YouTube which helped, sort of, but one wanted me to stare a screen which is hard to do comfortably lying in bed with a cell phone and I my earphones in my ears and my phone on my side and wanted to make sure I put them back before I slept, and my thoughts usually began to drift after a while. At five I finally broke down and took some Seroquel my dr. had given me a 50 mg dose and I slept, I felt like ass in the morning and had cancel my work session but I slept. So I was wondering does this sound normal, has anyone else had a withdrawal reaction like this? Is it normal?
I know that everyone says that one should get off of Seroquel very slowly, I have been on it since 2007, but that is not what my doctor recommended, he did give me some 50mg of seroquel to take if I felt like I really wanted it or I felt like my body needed it. Which is where I was at the end of the night. When I called him today he told me to take another half pill of trazodone, he prescribed me 100mg so that means I would be take 150. After the phone call I decided I would take the recomended dose, 150 mg and 50mg of seroquel at bedtime. I then read the Crazy Meds Fact sheet and it said that one could go off of seroquel by taking 50 to 25 mg less of seroquel over a series of nights to get off it. Which counterdicts everything that is said in the forums. I am thinking that since I am replacing the seroquel with trazodone, i might be able to this more quickly. I used to take 200mg of seroquel a night. I have 7 50mg pills left, so after reading the info sheet I was thinking I would take 150mg of both trazodone and seroquel tonight, then 100 of seroquel tomorrow and the same 150 of trazodone and then fifty of seroquel with my doctor's new recomended dose. I could also just stick with 100 traz or 50 seroquel but I think there is something to this easy off the seroquel thing. Anyway any advice (including my doctor is insane) would be welcome.
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Posted 07 January 2012 - 11:19 AM

My first piece of advice is to put in paragraph breaks when you're writing with spaces in between because that wall of words was really difficult to get through.

I dropped my seroquel and went strait to traz with no problems like you're experiencing, so I don't know that I'll be any help there.
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Posted 11 January 2012 - 12:35 PM

Thanks for the advice I had it all paragraphed out before...I promise! But the formatiing got screwed up and I didn't even notice.

I am now taking 50mg of seroquel with the trazodone, it hopes most of my issues are just withdrawal symptoms. But i have had issues with urinary hesitancy and because of other things like had mild UTI over the weekend. I am hoping the hesitancy will go away. The dr. I saw this morning about the UTI said it still might so I shouldn't give up yet. I hope not, I really don't want to go back on seroquel and that is the only option my dr. is giving me at least for sleep, he doesn't want to try Ambien because I hallucenated on it last time and didn't acutally sleep at all.

I am thinking of looking for a new pdoc, I like my current one, but I still think I might need something very low dose to help with my anxiety. My anxiety is doe to ADHD i think so when I have trouble doing something or do it well I become very anxious, he wants me to take klonipin for that, but I think having something I can take daily to help just a little (or something similar)

Thanks for the advice and I am sorry about the formatting.
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Posted 12 January 2012 - 04:40 AM

I switched once from Seroquel to trazodone. I was on Seroquel for a very long time and then pdoc1 thought Seroquel XR was a good idea. It made me start gaining a lot of weight, and switching back to regular Seroquel didn't stop the weight gain -- and this was to a point that the pdoc was worried, not me. (I was too happy to give a frell.)

I didn't experience any adverse effects -- if anything, Seroquel was holding down my libido and getting out of it made me have a lot less free time on weekends. (The girlfriend wanted more than she was getting anyway). I did cross-taper over two weeks.

Trazodone was good for my march-to-june depression, but it destabilized me faster when my hypomanic period began. (I never experience big euphoric manias, I go into a months-long mixed state, usually by october). If you don't have frequent hypomanias it's a good bet for both depression and anxiety.
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Posted 16 January 2012 - 06:28 PM

I actually went the opposite direction ... I switched from Trazadone to Seroquel (and now Seroquel XR). Trazadone did absolutely nothing for me, so my pdoc switched me to Seroquel and I haven't looked back. Don't get me wrong, I still need a lot of med tweaking, but Seroquel seems to be one of the meds that works best for me. I had no adverse effects from my switch.
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Posted 20 March 2012 - 02:10 PM

My first piece of advice is to put in paragraph breaks when you're writing with spaces in between because that wall of words was really difficult to get through.

I dropped my seroquel and went strait to traz with no problems like you're experiencing, so I don't know that I'll be any help there.

wow seroquel to trazodone? what where doses of each , please explain
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Posted 08 January 2013 - 05:28 PM

Thank you to cuddljunkie for starting this topic. I actually have a dilemma related to switching from Seroquel to Trazodone and would like people's inputs on two items: their experience with switching from Seroquel to Trazodone in helping with sleep issues and tardive dyskinesia from taking Seroquel.

I currently take 300 mg of Seroquel every night to help me go to sleep. Without the Seroquel, my mind is always ruminating and I cannot get any good night's sleep. I've been on this dosage for over 7 years now and with the exception of a little weight gain (about 7 lbs), everything is okay and I l'm really happy, after over 10 years of crappy sleep, that I sleep well on most nights.

My problem is that the current psychiatrist that I see keeps on pressuring me every time I see him to switch my medication from Seroquel to Trazodone as my only problem it seems to him is insomnia and he's worried that Seroquel would give me tardive dyskinesia in the long run. Back in 2005 when I was first put on the Seroquel, my original diagnosis from the psychiatrist at the time was Bipolar II disorder with severe depression. The 2005 psychiatrist then revised the diagnosis to dysthymia (for which I took Wellbutrin 150 mg for 3 years) and kept me on the Seroquel to help me sleep. Before Seroquel, every medication I tried to help me sleep either did not work or stopped working after a few days. However, because I moved to another city, the 2005 psychiarist passed me on to another psychiatrist who supervised my meds. I eventually stopped taking the Wellbutrin (on the current psychiatrist's recommendation) and have not needed it since 2008.

The doctors that I've seen have differing opinions on the effects of Seroquel. My family physician thinks that I should be okay with the Seroquel and also that I should really be more concerned with how it's affecting my liver. He thinks I am also Bipolar because I'm taking such a high dose and in any event, he said that tardive dyskinesia would have come up early on rather than at this stage. The 2005 psychiatrist played it safe and said that he had no evidence to show I was Bipolar while he was treating me. He also was not concerned with tardive dyskinesia as Seroquel is an atypical antispsychotic. The current psychiatrist said back when he first started seeing me that I might be Bipolar but now he's saying I am not.

So now I am confused and do not know how to approach this matter. I am scared of getting tardive dyskinesia but at the same time, my quality of life has also improved with the Seroquel because I'm getting my sleep. In addition, the doctors don't really have a consensus on whether I'm Bipolar or not and if I am and take Trazodone, it might throw me into a manic state. I actually suspect, based on past behaviour, that I might be Bipolar though I can honestly say that my mood has been pretty stable since 2005. Also, the current psychiatrist tried a few years ago to reduce my dosage of Seroquel and even with 275 mg, the medication wouldn't work. 300 mg is my mainttenance dose.

So this is where I am right now. I have actually spoken to my family physician about this and he's actually offered to keep on prescribing the Seroquel should I decide to stop seeing my psychiatrist. Other than the Seroquel, I really haven't had any other issues for the psychiatrist to deal with.

I realize that people have different experiences but any thoughts on my dilemma would be really helpful. Thanks very much.
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#8 Lycopene


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Posted 08 January 2013 - 06:02 PM

Shows how little GPs know about psychiatry. Seroquel is highly unlikely to give you TD. If its helping, I say stay on it. But trazodone can help as well... And it has a better side effect profile. Still, I'd stick with the Seroquel, especially since you had a previous BPII diagnosis.
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