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Viibryd Withdrawl Symptoms

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#1 quartz65


    DIY Trepanist

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  • Diagnoses:depression, panic disorder, social anxiety
  • Current Meds:Wellbutrin XL, Viibryd, Neuronton
  • Location:My computer

Posted 21 November 2011 - 07:14 AM

I am trying to taper off of Viibryd because I am just really tired of being on it. The sexual side effects are not worth it because I honestly don't think the med is really doing all that well for my other symptoms. At this point I am not even sure it is doing much of anything in that regard.

My question is this. Has anyone tapered down to a lower dose or to nothing at all? It seems like the 2 times I went down in dose I feel like I am having some sort of allergic reaction. I am itchy everywhere, almost like I am having an allergy attack, it is driving me crazy. I also seem to get hot flashes or I am just hot all the time.

I know there is not a lot of info on withdrawl symptoms from this med because it is so new. If anyone has had any experiences getting off of Viibryd I would love to here from you.
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Meds I am on: Wellbutrin, Neurontin, Viibryd

Meds I have tried: Lexapro, Abilify

Supp: Vitamin D, Multi Vitamin, Thiamin

"...this must be what going mad feels like." ~ Simon Tam from Firefly

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#2 In_Remission_charis

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Posted 21 November 2011 - 02:13 PM

I was on Viibryd only 5 weeks and got a rash (it wasn't itchy, just red, flat and dry) on my face caused by the med. Rash started after 2 weeks and didn't go away until I was off Viibryd. The first 2 days 1/2 pill and then switched to Pristiq. Rash went away almost immediately. I had a little anxiety, but it passed in a few days with the rash. Of course, everyone is different, but it looks to me that you could have gotten the rash from Viibryd, not form quitting it. I didn't like Viibryd any more than any other SSRI and I had more anxiety on it than f.ex. Lexapro.

#3 In_Remission_staygold

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Posted 26 November 2011 - 11:11 PM

i am currently tapering off. i was having myoclonic jerks on the med and it was effecting my coordination. was on for a little over a month at full dose. took a tumble down stairs and coordination continually being off now tapering. i am now on 20mg. sucks. i am tired. my head hurts. vision is blurry and i feel dizzy and confused. still jerking. good luck, keep in contact with doctor.
i have never done well with SSRIs - this confirms it for me.
i have been drinking a lot of green tea - for energy and water and resting.

#4 kevn


    DIY Trepanist

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Posted 19 December 2011 - 06:48 PM

I have problems with panic attacks, GAD, social anxiety and depression.

I am currently taking Celexa 40 mg, Buspar 60 mg, Xanax 1mg XR.

I recently tapered down to zero on Viibryd. I haven't taken any Viibryd in three days now. While tapering down on Vibryd, I've increased Celexa to 40 mg and Buspar to 60 mg.

The reason I tried Viibryd was that for some people it seems to have reduced sexual effects compared to SSRI. I previously took Celexa a while back. This completely killed my sexual ability--both ED and ability to ejaculate. I did some research on the internet, and found that adding Buspar to an SSRI may reduce or eliminate the SSRI sexual side effects. So I decided to ask my psychiatrist to let me try Celexa + Buspar. So I have been ramping up on them for several weeks.

I was able to have an orgasm this morning for the first time in a month! So this may be working!

Viibryd did, in fact, help with depression and anxiety, but for me the sexual side effects were every bit as bad as Celexa taken alone. Reducing Viibryd resulted in diarrhea (maybe, or I had stomach flu...not sure which), mild episodes of increased anxiety and depression.

Other people may have an entirely different reaction to Viibryd. This was my experience.

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#5 Domesticdiva


    DIY Trepanist

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  • Diagnoses:He has not told me that! Eating disorder, OCD?
  • Current Meds:Wellbutrin 1/2 of 75mg, 20mg Viibryd, 50mg Pristiq
  • Location:Sunny California

Posted 15 November 2012 - 09:13 PM

I am day 3 of no vibryyd from 40mg and onto 60 mg of prozac. I am a mess. Tired, yet not sleeping deeply at night.
I am a walking moron. I am argumentative and could be convinced that I am the root of all my husbands issues.
I am snappy and just plain not good to be around.
How long will this last?
I have thanksgiving to deal with for gods sake!!
:) sue
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#6 GAD-zooks!


    DIY Trepanist

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  • 13 posts
  • Diagnoses:GAD, PMDD, SAD, some Pure O thoughts/OCD
  • Current Meds:Topamax, Celexa, Xanax ER, Short-Acting Xanax as needed for brain cooties, per se
  • Location:US

Posted 18 November 2013 - 07:07 PM

I am tapering down from 20 mg to 10 mg of Viibryd (on week no. 2) and I am tired as hell. Blergh...

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