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monkey business


Research, Work, And A Visit To The Local Er

Posted by acrazymonkey , in research: aka lab monkey, OUCH!, ER visit 07 March 2012 · 144 views

it was a great day... until 3:00 rolled around.

research was amazing- made a huge amount of progress on my work for the conference

work was slow, but I got a ton of seemingly stupid things done that had backed up in the lab for a looooonnnngggg time before today.
then I tripped on my way to the breakroom and landed on my left hand. things swelled up immediately, and the pain was so bad I cursed a blue streak.

I'm not sure if things are broken or not- doc said things looked all right, but they would need a specialist to read the x-rays.
hoping for the best- and a quick healing time


I Am Back? I Think?

Posted by acrazymonkey , in college and crazy, research: aka lab monkey, OUCH!, ER visit, migraines 13 February 2012 · 179 views

Hello all.

School ate my life, and the migraines are not helping with the whole semester of crazy... O.O

It's been a ridiculously crazy couple of weeks, and I an glad that it is getting closer to spring break! :)

I am doing better now than I was last semester. My room is pretty clean compared to what it usually is, my internships have been applied for, and I have handed all my assignments in on time so far.

Classes are pretty awesome. Psychopharmacology is amazing, physics has been phun (fun, lol), organic chemistry has been all about alcohol and benzene, Spectroscopic analysis has been a learning curve, Hebrew is hilarious, science seminar kinda sucks, and my research is progressing.

I have made so much progress on my research that I am starting to put together my poster. Here's the link to my abstract if you are remotely interested.


off to check my laundry and go to bed. stupid migraines knock me on my ass...


Another Migraine... Seriously, Universe? W T F ?

Posted by acrazymonkey , in OUCH!, migraines 25 January 2012 · 179 views

I am seriously not a happy clam. Had another migraine at work yesterday 1/24/2012. Not as bad, fortunately as the one I had last week, but it still knocked me on my ass.

thank goodness I filled the T3 scrip... one of those, a little extra caffeine, and a huge glass of water and I felt fine in 2 hours.

pissed, though, because I missed 2 hours of my shift and have been in migraine fog mode all night... and I am goofy from the codeine



I Feel Awful!

Posted by acrazymonkey , in college and crazy, OUCH!, migraines 21 January 2012 · 188 views


It's almost been 48 hours since I went to urgent care for my migraine, and I still feel pretty craptastic. Can anyone tell me what a hangover feels like? I'm pretty sure that's what the after-effects of a migraine feel like... :P

I can't really remember anything from yesterday, I have residual nausea, and I am exhausted beyond belief.
I am going to get my prescription filled today for the T3 and then I will place a call home to my doctor and p-doc. I should call my mom and tell her what happened, too.

Ugh. I don't want to move.

On another note, my first week of class went really well. I love my classes, my professors seem pretty cool, and the people in my class are (mostly) people I've been in class with before, so I am a happy simian. My work schedule is pretty awesome, too :) I work as a lab tech on Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays.


F U C K Migraines!

Posted by acrazymonkey , in migraines, OUCH!, ER visit 19 January 2012 · 360 views

had a headache that got really bad really fast. couldn't open my eyes, figure out which way was up, among other things.

I was at work, and my boss thought I was having a migraine, so he took me to urgent care. Diagnosis: MIGRAINE FROM HELL!!

had to go to urgent care and get a shot of Toradol in my ass, an antinausea med, and a scrip for T3 just to kill the pain to a manageable level. OUCH! This one was bad, and it knocked me on my ass at work completely out of the blue. Guess I can add one more flavour of crazy to my ice cream sundae of craziness :ph34r:

Anyone have advice for dealing with migraines? This was my first one.


Nutzo Space Monkey

Posted by acrazymonkey , in college and crazy, OUCH! 08 December 2011 · 127 views

Holy crap! Since when is it the end of the semester already?

It's finals week, and I am way goofier than I have ever been during this time in life this year. Don't know if it's due to the added stress of having to dictate finals to people because my hand is not healing well after falling off my bed and dislocating a few things, the stress of 3 huge papers, or any combination of events.

On the bright side of life, my meds are stable, I am stable, and I get to go home to spend time with my mom in four days :) I've also gotten pretty darn good at writing with my left hand, and can manage to still hold my own in the classroom

Finals I have completed:
Research Methodology
Organic Chemistry

Finals to complete:

Papers completed:
Research thesis draft #1 of I don't know how many...

Papers to complete:
Psychology (have 5 of 10 pages)
Proposal for a conference

I must need some sleep- I went flying down a flight of stairs today O.o


Klutz Monkey Follow Up.

Posted by acrazymonkey , in OUCH! 29 November 2011 · 118 views

OW! I hurt all over the place today!

my hand hurts, my back hurts, and my elbow hurts from the fall...
fortunately just a couple of small bruises on my back and a little one on my elbow.

I am having trouble keeping up in my classes- I am not allowed to write for another 5 days, I can't type well, and my handwriting with my other hand looks like a kindegartener's scrawly scribble. I am supposed to take an exam tomorrow, but I am not going to be able to take it. my prof won't be able to read it if I took it.

so it goes. the swelling has gone down, and some of the bruising is gone.

ice and ibuprofen are my best friends today


Clumsy Simian

Posted by acrazymonkey , in ER visit, OUCH! 28 November 2011 · 258 views

hi all

yours truly managed to fall off the bed twice in one night and land on the same hand each time.
not having a good day- will be spending a fair bit of it in the urgent care/ ER...

I fell on the hand that I basically do everything with, including my writing.
It hurts so much right now, and I took pain meds right after it happened the second time and got it looked at in student health.

I am such a clumsy monkey....
aren't simians supposed to be gracefully swinging from tree to tree, not falling out of the bed while dead asleep?

-Klutz Monkey


Med Swap... Week 1 And Space Monkey!

Posted by acrazymonkey , in the zaps, ADD monkey, meds, OUCH! 16 November 2011 · 136 views

I thought that getting off the Effexor- XR would be easy, since I was on such a low dose that it wasn't doing anything... I was totally wrong and it is kicking my ass right now. I've been off it for a week, and it kinda sucks to be me right now

I got a few of those lovely "brain zap" things from hell yesterday- one that almost made me miss my o-chem lab, another one that nearly got me thrown out of my ethics class (happened in the middle of a presentation I was giving- in addition to me politely telling my professor to shut up and stop asking me questions), and one this early morning that woke me up because it gave me such a bad headache that felt like a migraine. The zaps feel like someone stuck my brain with an electrode and proceeded to shock my brain. Occasionally, they travel down my arms or down my legs, which just feels too damn weird. I want my normal, non- depressed brain back so bad right now.

I feel pretty craptastic right now... got a physics lab done, but just got zapped again, and I feel like a space monkey.

Speaking of space monkeys--

I got a good laugh yesterday while writing my novel... a kid asked me what I was writing about, and I told him that I was writing about a monkey that I work with. He just started laughing! I asked him what he thought was funny about that, and he thought I had a space monkey with ADD for an alter ego :P silly freshman :) (I can say that... I was a freshman last year)


On Reflexes, Research, Anxiety, And School Spirit

Posted by acrazymonkey , in research: aka lab monkey, OUCH!, college and crazy, anxiety 29 October 2011 · 96 views

Hey there.

It's been an eventful week, and what follows may not be a logical read, as I'm not feeling logical at the moment.

Organic Chemistry lab was a disaster and a half- we had to restart the experiment, I had an allergic reaction to a compound, and I got a superficial Sulfuric Acid burn. Work throughout the week was pretty ridiculous- dealt with everything from squid parts to poster sessions to a broken autoclave. Ethics was a snooze-fest. That prof had it out to chew on us and then got mad when I tried to ask her a question that was totally on topic, and it wasn't a dumb question. Also found out that I have nasal allergies to pollen and other crap, in addition to the damn sinus infection

Wednesday morning (EARLY!!)
I was wired and there was NO WAY that I was going to bed, so I stayed up late working on reaction mechanisms for an organic chem exam. I had to go to the bathroom around 2.30am because I needed to brush my teeth. On my way to the bathroom, I walked by my countertop and knocked something off of it. My goaltender's reflex kicked in, and I caught the flying object... yay, it didn't break, right?? Wrong! It was my green and white kitchen knife that fell, and I succeeded in stabbing the back of my hand with it. :o Smart move, simian... :thumbdown: No stitches necessary, as it was a long and shallow cut.

Wednesday afternoon:
I had choir practise for our annual campus-wide Mass of the Holy Spirit. I got to practise only to have the choir director call me to the back room because she had something to tell me. That instantly got my anxiety sky high. She told me that the two other tenors weren't going to be able to attend the Mass, and that I would be the tenor section! YIKES. Getting to physics was an adventure, and it was a painful one. I slipped while walking up the stairs, and I went down. Bruised from the middle of my right kneecap to about 4 inches down my leg. Then I hit my head on the railing trying to stand up. can you say headache? And klutz-tastical!!??

Thursday morning:
I went into the lab to work on some stuff for my research project- mostly just to catch up my lab notebook and clarify a point that my professor had mentioned to me to check out in the grant proposal she had me read over. She then told me all the stuff I wanted to hear and that she wanted a working draft of an abstract to submit to NCUR! Yahoo :D Abstract challenge accepted. For those of you who haven't read an abstract, it's basically a very short thesis "paper" describing your research. I'll attach one as a comment from the last NCUR that I wrote and presented on as an example.

Thursday afternoon/early evening:
This was the day of the Mass of the Holy Spirit! Sure enough, I was the only tenor (and the only female tenor in our choir normally). I was really nervous, but one of the professors I know well saw me and said "I think God's got His eye on you this week!" That put me at ease, and the Mass went on without a hitch! I even got complimented for my "robust lower harmony" maybe I should keep singing! After Mass, I ran out of there like a bat out of Hell to go put up my academic poster for the science poster session in the Science and Technology Centre. There was a verbal argument between two of my professors right before I got there, and one of them was angrily asking me why I hadn't been there sooner to put my poster up. Out of breath, gasping, coughing me just said "I was part of the choir for Mass of the Holy Spirit. We missed your presence there." That shut her up right quick, and she was like, "I didn't mean to snap." I put my poster up, then hung around to ask my other research mentor (aka Chemist of Awesome) a couple of questions. My second mentor said I should try the TLC tomorrow, but it was up to my discretion, as she and I would be presenting and might want to escape the lab to avoid getting pestered.

Friday morning:
My first thought was "Where's my Ativan? I'm feeling really panicky right now!" Now you may be thinking, "What the heck, Monkey? You're a research student, and yet you're scared to present your findings? and why are you scared to talk to your peers?" I have always hated public speaking because I am painfully shy around large crowds, and the last few times I've had to present I've been chewed apart afterwards for it. It was all I could do to walk up to the science centre, coffee mug in hand, and Ativan in my messenger bag (just in case). I got up to the building, and the Dean of the School of Health and Natural Sciences with the Dean of the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics were standing there welcoming all those who were there. The Dean of the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics told me to wake up, as I looked really "groggy" to him. I trudged upstairs, where Microbe Woman (my lead PI) caught up with me and introduced me to her family. She had me do a dry run of my presentation to her and her family members, and I was sweating profusely/shaking inwardly all through it, even though it was freezing cold in the building. Once 8am rolled around, a bunch more people started showing up, and I got more and more nervous. Fortunately, not too many people asked me questions, and I knew most of the professors understood that I had been focusing my research on a completely different project than the one I presented on at the poster session. One of my good guy friends on campus commented that I looked "absolutely stunning" in the long skirt/shirt/necklace combination I was wearing. My favourite necklace of all time is sterling silver and is a molecular "sketch" representation of Norepinephrine- one of my messed up neurotransmitters. I set up my Experiment's TLC chamber and solvent, then decided to go looking for food.

Friday afternoon:
After the poster session, showing Microbe Woman and her family what my old project entailed, and a lunch break, I went back into my lab in track pants, dress shoes, and a grubby old T-shirt- not to mention my "Tie-dyed" lab coat (covered in staining agent spills) and had my friend help me spot my TLC plates. After my last time with the TLC, I had only a thin sliver of hope that my crude prostaglandin extracts were going to give me any useable data. I fixed and developed my plates, then placed them in the drying oven to visualise. I took them out after 15 minutes and WHAM! Four and Five spots developed in my spots where I applied unknown samples on each plate! After calculating the Rf values, I found that I had in fact extracted prostglandins! I was bouncing off the walls. Chemist of Awesome came upstairs, and I told her the good news! I called mom and e-mailed Microbe Woman. I was very happy, and I'm still happy 24 hours later!

I made a good impression on some faculty members, my peers, and a person on my University's Board of Trustees (also on the student satisfaction committee)

All in all a crazy week, but it makes sense for me to have a crazy week because I am a crazy, mentally interesting person with the persona of a monkey!

I'll have to finish this saga tomorrow. I am too tired to see straight!

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