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Ephedrine And Ssri/welbutrin

lexapro welbutrin

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#1 Gorship


    DIY Trepanist

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  • Diagnoses:major depression /anxiety disorder
  • Current Meds:40mg escitilopram / 300mg bupropion XL
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Posted 04 February 2012 - 08:24 AM

hey guys!

so i work out pretty constantly, but being on the combo im on i feel a little flat here and there, and the no libido thing is killing me, and starting to really mess with my relationship, so i want to try raising my testosterone levels a bit to give me a bit more manliness... i looked into anabolics... not my thing, too much effort for me to justify it as something i would just partake in on my own... and my doc when i brought it up just laughed ... meanie pants... anyway... i know about this ECA stack for weight loss, and fat loss = increase in libido and increase in testosterone production. double positive right!?

i thought so too, so i want to do one, ive tried it before and i felt amazing on it... but i want to make sure im not going to blow my heart out or something... i dont plan on doing a huge stack or anything.

16E,200C and an actually ill take ECGc as Asperin everyday is a death sentence. my meds are below my avatar. (40mg of lexapro, 300mg of welbutrin XL)

what about you, my loving resource of knowledge. what do you think of my idea? i dont plan on doing it forever. cycle it for 2 weeks on, 2-3 weeks off, depending on how i feel.

thoughts? comments? concerns?

thanks everyone
mucho love
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#2 martasi2


    Ready for the MCAT

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Posted 04 February 2012 - 10:40 AM

A better idea is to adjust or change your current medications to find something that reduces your side effects. Low libido and flatness are not uncommon with some AD meds. Ask your PDoc about trying other meds or reducing your dose to see if these problems go away. There are lots of AD meds on the market to choose from.
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#3 Gorship


    DIY Trepanist

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  • Diagnoses:major depression /anxiety disorder
  • Current Meds:40mg escitilopram / 300mg bupropion XL
  • Location:Van island canada

Posted 05 February 2012 - 07:34 AM


So, i tried what i thought might be a good idea above... if you think maybe it'll work for you and your on the meds im on, or taking one or the either, DONT BOTHER.

im going to have to see my doc this morning because the cocktail i decided to try ... so i could feel something, completely backfired..

The story if your interested. Wall of text inc.

if you have ever talked to me, im a bit of a gym rat, im not super muscly or anything, but weights are good for the crazy minds.

i get into it sometimes and want to improve. (keep this in mind)

I have made posts and reposts (sorry mods im a jerk i know) about being flat, super flat, and its killing my relationship, and i dont, and wont let that happen.
I thought (until last night) that perhaps i could keep the meds that im on and if i increased my testosterone through weights or supplementation, perhaps i could kickstart myself into feeling something...

Well i did something alright...

so before i took superpump max by gaspari and had no issues... and i probably will still use it, as all it really does is reduce fatigue and increases focus for the gym, pretty harmless if used right...

where i went wrong...

my buddy and i at work decided to make suppliment corner for fun, it was good lawls..

he was starting to convince me that i could maybe take some winstrol (anabolic steroid) i was still on the fence about it.. (maybe it would solve my flat problems, ive realized it wont..more on that later)

but my supplementation kind of changed... i really wanted to try and fix myself..
so i started increasing caffiene, added tribulus (test herb) and horny goat weed (test herb)

then i added 16mg of ephedrine (it was ok, that was 2 tabs)

then yesterday...

1 reg strength ASA

at around 10am

Fat burner
16mg of ephedrine

at around 3pm
fat burner
another 16mg of ephedrine

at 430

everything was good, till i got to the gym.

i crunched a crazy good leg workout. then near the end, i felt really dizzy, and kind of high... i used to smoke a lot of pot, so i thought "ok, roll with it, you'll be ok just get the heck home"

i get in my car, and start driving... i feel this lump in the back of my throat, i try and swollow... cant swollow... now im freaking out, my face goes numb (still driving...) and i smack my face trying to snap myself out of it (its all in my head... its gotta be).. i do some deep breathing... get home... sit down on my comp.. breathe Gorship... breathe...

i lose it, my heart was at 140+ and i couldnt slow it down, downed some water, took 20mg of melatonin .. "knock yourself out, get to sleep", nothing,

now im REALLY numb, wide awake, and still freaking out... i havn't had a cig in like 6months..
i power walk to the gas station (yeah real good for my heart rate situation...)
get in there, grab a gatorade, some chocolate (hydrate, endorphins maybe?) and i ask if they have any single cigars. "Nope"... "players light regular then"

get home, down a cig, down my gatorade, munch my food.

nothing. still freaking... try watching tv... its 945... get in bed, just lay down..

i felt my heart beat into my mattress until i passed out at like 1030ish?

woke up... still a little out of it... had another cig... throwing them out when i walk into the doctors office this morning and hopefully get some ativan and an appt with a pdoc and get my stuff sorted out...

and im still flat, and all i want is my gf to not feel like im ignoring her...

Goodmorning Crazymeds.. i am patient 101010010010.

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#4 discomposed


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  • Diagnoses:Bipolar I, Anxiedy Disorder NOS, "disordered eating"
  • Current Meds:Divalproex 500mg; Aripiprazole 2mg; Escitalopram 10mg
  • Location:BC Canada

Posted 05 February 2012 - 12:08 PM

Had you been a little more patient, somebody no doubt would have come on here and told you that Wellbutrin (bupropion) and Ephedrine shouldn't be taken together as they interact and increase the likelihood of adverse effects. Ephedrine on its own can be all sorts of hellish fun, increasing your heart rate and for some can cause shortness of breath (among a number of other side effects). Add in Wellbutrin and you're basically amplifying any effects you do end up with.

Starting at 16mg (twice!) was a pretty boneheaded move for somebody unaware of how Ephedrine is going to affect them period, forget somebody on medications, and a simple wikipedia search for Ephedrine would have told you that Wellbutrin doesn't mix well with it.
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dx: Bipolar I, Anxiety Disorder NOS, "disordered eating"
Current rx: Divalproex 500mg, Aripiprazole 2mg; Escitalopram 10mg
Past rx: bupropion, citalopram, escitalopram, fluoxetine, lorazepam, olanzapine, quetiapine, risperidone, sertraline, trazodone, venlafaxine

#5 Gorship


    DIY Trepanist

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  • Diagnoses:major depression /anxiety disorder
  • Current Meds:40mg escitilopram / 300mg bupropion XL
  • Location:Van island canada

Posted 05 February 2012 - 04:10 PM

yeah... i know its stupid and lame... but i just wanted to feel something... unfortunately all i felt was fear.
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