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Interesting Article On Traumatic Brain Injury And Soldiers

War Veterans TBI

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#1 In_Remission_2catsmad

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Posted 06 November 2011 - 11:09 AM


I just found this article interesting, particularly how some symptoms of TBI, or mTBI can mimic, and overlap with PTSD symptoms.

#2 dymphna


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Posted 06 November 2011 - 01:15 PM

I got my TBI in the dark ages - no MRI, no CT scan - hell, no x-ray!

In fact, until my brain blew up, no one even thought to ask, "have you ever had a head injury?" And even then, I had to think about it - it hadn't ever occurred to me that hitting the ground standing straight after being 5.5 meters UP would do something like say, ram my spine into my skull.

I know, durr. All I knew was that I slowly became a continually nauseous, puking, intermittently paranoid, and completely different person over a period of 26 years. Rather sad for the guy who met me before the accident.

It's called a closed head injury. Near as anyone can tell, it's what toasted my pituitary, and by extension, the majority of my endocrine system.

They say I have the most beautiful MRI you'll ever see. They could use it in med schools for what an absolutely perfect brain should look like. Only I have three of them, from the past ten years. Perfection is in the eye of the radiologist. I'm watching it change.

Prolactinoma after craniocerebral trauma


ETA: And we still don't know for sure where the seizures came from: this or something else.

ETA 2: I got my TBI in the military, BTW
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#3 In_Remission_2catsmad

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Posted 06 November 2011 - 03:15 PM

It's very interesting. I have not had a diagnosable head injury, maybe except from a few childhood accidents- getting knocked out cold by a rough brother playing "air plane" with me, face plant into a porch, landing head first on a baby bottle as a toddler, getting thrown from a car etc etc.

I have had a clear CT scan of my brain to rule out the cause of the zapping sensations in my face, facial numbness, ocular migraines.

It's interesting though about traumatic brain injury and mood stuff. I have had major irritability in public so much I'd prefer not to go out, but I am doing much better lately. And occasional paranoia (I was harassed by a teacher in high school, and even after he left the country I still checked the back yard to make sure he was not there). Some of us are born that way, and some of us acquire it, and there are still so many things we just don't understand about the brain.

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