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Saphris For Anxiety? Saphris For... For... I Don't Know Why I'm Taking This Drug?

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#1 In_Remission_Laura

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Posted 26 May 2010 - 06:32 PM

So, I went in to see my psych today for a follow up appt after having switched me from Adderall IR to XR a month ago... unfortunately, shortly after that I sustained a nasty concussion and now I don't know which way is up - so many of my... well, many... symptoms could be from anything, or worsened because of one thing or another (stress, anxiety, insomnia, stimulant use - which is from what and why, or what's making the one from this or that worse? it's a veritable sh*tstorm up in here).

My primary physician aided in the discovery that the XR was actually making the post-conc space-cadet status skyrocket... pardon the pun. anyway... i was really out of it. But I'm really out of it when I don't take it.. err.. when I don't take the IR. I continued taking a small (11.25mg IR 1-2x/day vs 30mg XR+IR boosts) IR dose once a day bc it seemed to help with all the conc symptoms: headache, focus, distractibility, etc... and then I'd feel worse when I came down... or after a day of stress/mental exertion (final exams were yesterday - it was crunch-time, among other stressful events).

So, my psych is taking me off the Adderall.. but here's where I'm confused. I missed something. Somehow we went from "well, do you want to try Strattera?" to "remember when we had you on multiple mood-stabilizers for a long time?" and I got lost - in staying true to form, my brain made the leap from A to XYZ (I had intended to bring up the possibility of going back on Geodon for some emergent depression, and this reminded me) and never went back to A. So, now I'm sitting here with a sample of Saphris, and no Adderall, and wondering wth just happened...

I think she said Saphris seems to help with anxiety (I had a recent flare-up of panic attacks, which have since subsided, but some residual anxiety is ever-present), which is why I agreed to try it first before going back to the Geodon, which did nothing to help my anxiety but swept my depressedasfuck-self up off the floor and turned me into the happiest person I can remember being (it also killed my sex drive and ability to orgasm... so I guess I could have been happier).

Anyone have any input regarding Saphris and anxiety? I've read what there is to read on it so far and haven't come across anything.

But... where's my stim? Is this some new approach to concussions? NO STIMS, ONLY CRAZYPILLS.
I'm not that heartbroken (fiend'ing, maybe), just confused... and a little concerned - i can't think, you know.? distracted, forgetful, confused, head hurts, etc etc... summer classes start next week. I sorta need a brain. And to not wonder where I am when I've driven less than five miles from home...
I'm also wondering if some of what I'm feeling (restless leg is a recent development) isn't bc of the haphazard tampering of my adderall dose :/

EDIT: I just took the first dose... and F this rot. I can barely remain compliant with the Lamictal the way it sticks in my throat and makes me gag. My tongue is numb and burning all at the same time AND I want to puke. No thanks. Not me, not now. I don't feel nearly messed up enough to put myself through this mini-torture every day. Screw it. Psych's getting that follow-up call a lot sooner than she thinks :x

Edited by Laura, 26 May 2010 - 07:25 PM.

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Posted 29 July 2012 - 01:03 AM

I've been on Saphris for a little over a month (5mg morning and night) after switching from Solian. For the first few weeks, it seemed like it was actually going to be better for my anxiety than the Solian had been, but since then the anxiety has been slowly creeping back in. I missed a dose the other night and have been a total anxious and paranoid wreck ever since, so (with me, at least) it seems to be barely holding the anxiety at bay. I'm considering increasing my dose, or, alternately, seeing if my pdoc wants to supplement with something else for anxiety.
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