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monkey business


Entries in March 2014
04 Mar Back. After A Hiatus 0 Comments
Entries in September 2012
29 Sep Title? 2 Comments
06 Sep Fuck It All :( ... Migraines... And One More Med To Add To The Heap :/ 3 Comments
Entries in August 2012
05 Aug Longer Update- New Dx (New Med) School, Summer, Life 2 Comments
04 Aug Testing... Testing 5 Comments
Entries in March 2012
25 Mar Insert Witty Descriptor Here 0 Comments
18 Mar Blargh 3 Comments
09 Mar Flashbacks, Frustration, Pain 3 Comments
07 Mar Research, Work, And A Visit To The Local Er 6 Comments
07 Mar Augh! 3 Comments
Entries in February 2012
24 Feb Hello Computer? And Hello Stupid Brain 8 Comments
13 Feb I Am Back? I Think? 1 Comments
Entries in January 2012
25 Jan Another Migraine... Seriously, Universe? W T F ? 3 Comments
23 Jan Epic Boredom 2 Comments
22 Jan Feeling Like Myself Again... Finally! 3 Comments
21 Jan I Feel Awful! 2 Comments
19 Jan F U C K Migraines! 6 Comments
09 Jan Ew... Rough Night 6 Comments
08 Jan Roller Coaster 5 Comments
Entries in December 2011
19 Dec It's Good To Be Home 1 Comments
17 Dec Making A Mess Of Things 2 Comments
16 Dec Break Time... 3 Comments
13 Dec Home! 2 Comments
12 Dec Going Home Today! 4 Comments
09 Dec Fall 2011 Semester Complete! 6 Comments
09 Dec Last Day Of Finals 4 Comments
08 Dec Nutzo Space Monkey 5 Comments
Entries in November 2011
29 Nov Klutz Monkey Follow Up. 4 Comments
28 Nov Clumsy Simian 4 Comments
16 Nov Med Swap... Week 1 And Space Monkey! 3 Comments
13 Nov Monkey + College = ? 1 Comments
10 Nov The Meds, They Are A Changin' 7 Comments
05 Nov Ew. Anxiety Is Being Weird :/ 6 Comments
03 Nov Social Anxiety, You Suck! 6 Comments
Entries in October 2011
29 Oct On Reflexes, Research, Anxiety, And School Spirit 3 Comments
25 Oct I Feel Like - - - - 5 Comments
23 Oct Sleepy Monkey 7 Comments
22 Oct Scummy Monkey 0 Comments
19 Oct Why Am I So Wired... It's 3 Am Pacific Time 4 Comments
18 Oct Hello Crazyboards... School Ate My Life :/ 2 Comments
Entries in September 2011
25 Sep Premonitions... Or Am I Totally Out Of My Mind? *triggery?* 1 Comments
22 Sep Have A Piece Of My Mind 1 Comments
18 Sep I Am Angry Simian! 3 Comments
11 Sep College Frustrations 2 Comments
05 Sep Hello Emergency Room... We Meet Again >:( 5 Comments
02 Sep Research And Attack Of The Veggies 4 Comments
Entries in August 2011
31 Aug Strange Things Going On At School... 1 Comments
28 Aug First Week Of Sophomore Year. 1 Comments
23 Aug Sophomore Year- Day 2 1 Comments
22 Aug Sophomore Year Starts In T-Minus 1 Hour And 25 Minutes 4 Comments

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