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Starting Cymbalta

Posted by fearful , 19 April 2012 · 295 views

Finally made it to my PCP after months of not being able to really leave my apartment yesterday. I asked for Parnate, or any MAOI, of course she "doesn't feel comfortable" providing them to anyone. She had no idea what it was, then looked it up. I expected this, but still had a minor breakdown in the office.

I didn't want it, but she gave me Cymbalta 30mg, basically because I have tried most everything else. Sucks.
She really urges me to see a Pdoc all the time, because she is not. Though a great PCP. I'm lucky just for that really.

I have been trying to fine a Psychiatrist and therapist for about 2 years now and have nearly zero access, like many other poor people who need help the most. Pisses me off.

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