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January The 3. Late Evening

Posted by Mad_Hatter , 03 January 2012 · 219 views


I tried reading my entry I wrote yesterday and found myself falling again so I stopped..

Thank you for your warm comments.

Today was a little like yesterday, I needed the extra Lorazepam 1mg before leaving the station for ergo therapy and energy mgmt. Ergo was good and energy-mgmt (roughly 15min workout on a bike-like trainer with intervals and afterwards beating a big leather sack with a nice and hard piece of wood to release hidden anger) too. I woke up in the ergo, but the workout got me back up - more or a less, my "shell" is still very unstable.

I had a meeting with the new doc here with the nurse responsible with me. It was ok because I could stay away from those dark corners that hurt so much.

In this moment I am more or less neutral. Great. I had ten days neutral until sunday but I guess I will not recuperate as fast as I wish.

A few entries ago someone said something about some pictures - here are some. One shows the clay plant pot I am working on now.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image


Change in med regime:


wellbutrin 300mg-0-0-0
alprazolam 0.5mg-1mg-0-1mg
trazodone 0-0-0-100mg
pregabalin 0-0-0-75mg
lorazepam and zolpidem on request


wellbutrin 300mg-0-0-0
alprazolam XR 0.5mg-1mg-0-1mg
trazodone 0-0-0-100mg
pregabalin 0-0-0-75mg
Quetiapin XR 0-0-0-50mg

lorazepam and zolpidem on request
venlafaxine, remeron, escitalopram

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Love the pics, my fav is the yellow and white flower close up :) I hope you can reach neutral again soon, maybe even "ok" would be a good step up it sounds like

Take care and keep working on that pot, wanna see how it will look finished! And the sideways face too!
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I had another down last night when I was in bed but I am hoping that it was something like an earthquake with aftershocks..

The flower is a Eichhornia paniculata.
The pot is drying now and I am making a part for beneath.

Thank you for reading.
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