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Hello Computer? And Hello Stupid Brain

Posted by acrazymonkey , 24 February 2012 · 304 views

your silly simian friend is back again :)

I am going to post a few things that I love about myself, some things I can live with, and some things I want to change.

General background stuff:

-I am 20 years old
-I have a boyfriend whom I have known for 17 years, and been in a relationship with for 7 years
-I am short in stature, but deceptively heavy for someone of my size (5'3" and 150 pounds- muscular build)
-I am ambidextrous
-I have ridiculous, unruly brown hair and brown eyes
-I am half Italian, a quarter German, and the rest a blend of English, Welsh, and a pinch of Scottish
-I have an east coaster's accent even though I was born in Utah, USA
-I am a chemistry major with minors in mathematics and psychology
-I am a member of ASBMB, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Alpha Lambda Delta, and the OSNA,
-I have severe depression, anxiety, PTSD traits, and issues with Self Injury

Some things I love about myself:

-I love my haircut
-I love my eye and hair colour
-I love that I can blend into multiple social groups
-I love that I can wear what I want to and don't care about what others think of my sense of style
-I love that I have a way with animals that allows for special bonds to form
-I love my ability to make and keep friends

Some stuff I like:

-I like my passion for research
-I like robotics
-I like psychology, physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, and pharmacology
-I like photography, martial arts, hiking, biking, and hockey
-I like working with animals and people
-I like Bruce Springsteen's music
-I like my technical abilities as a writer and computer nerd
-I like my jobs (Undergrad researcher- paid, Tutor- paid, volunteer docent- unpaid, wildlife rehabber- unpaid)

Some stuff that I can live with:

-I can live with myself for being an occasional procrastination monster
-I can live with myself even though I have a mental illness
-I can live with myself even though I have self-harmed in the past
-I can live with my bad eyesight... or without it, if I ever went blind
-I can live with myself for having migraines, even if they make me want to crawl in a hole and die from the pain

Some stuff I want to change (and I can change):

-I want to be able to sing better than I can now
-I want to not be afraid of public speaking
-I want to never have another urge to self harm
-I want to be depression free
-I want to be medication free eventually
-I want to be less squeamish around blood and pain

Some goals I have:

-I want to get all A's and B's this semester on my transcript
-I want to be a published author in both the academic and leisure reading realms
-I want my PhD. and possibly my MD
-I want to work in emergency medicine... maybe
-I want to get at least Cum Laude when I graduate, and to graduate with Honours

Some dreams of mine:

-I want to get married and possibly have kids
-I want to study abroad
-I want to travel the world
-I want to make a difference in the lives of those I meet

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Nurse Ratched
Feb 25 2012 07:42 AM
I think you have a very good shot of hitting those goals and dreams. :) You're gonna do this.
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Feb 25 2012 08:05 AM
I love this! This is the second sort of list posted in here this week and it amazes me. I think I know myself but to sit & make a list? Not sure it would be long because I would have to REALLY think...lol

Thanks for sharing!!
bipolar librarian
Feb 25 2012 09:19 AM
Ooh! Ooh! Can I play? What a great list! I may have to make one myself.

Reading this list is inspiring and makes me think about the things I love about myself. So you're already making a difference in my life, anyway.
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:D Thanks for the post! You sound very similar to me in some ways, different in others. It's wonderful that you have such eclectic interests. I hope all goes well for you in the future!
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Feb 25 2012 02:22 PM
Be my guest and play along, too :) I would love to see your lists.
hope you all are having a good day.
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Loved your list. As bipolar librarian said, very inspiring.
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Little Wren
Feb 26 2012 03:04 AM
:-) This is GREAT! I have every faith in you that your dreams are indeed an achievable reality. Go you!

Emergency Medicine is really full on. You can either handle it or not. That's just the nature of the beast xxx
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Feb 27 2012 11:51 AM
I really like the lists, all of them. I think you'll do quite well for yourself! Thanks for inspiring all of us.
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