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Yuck. Viibryd Brain Zaps :(

Posted by moonfroot , 17 October 2011 · 5,031 views

Viibryd brain zaps Buspar
I always read about "brain zaps on here, but dang, I never knew they'd scare the crap out of me so bad. I was laying in bed last night, and it felt like someone took those heart paddles to my brain and gave me a good ol' ZZZZZT!!!! Happened quite a few times while I was just starting to fall asleep. I called my RN but she hasn't gotten back to me yet, but I also have an appointment on Friday if I don't hear from her by then too.

I have questions though, are there people out there who "put up" with brain zaps for the sake of feeling better? Are all brain zaps "permanent" once you experience them? Do they go away or do they stay if you stay on the med that's doing the zapping?

I found out through reading up on some blogs on here about brain zaps that Jerod replied to that Viibryd is "kind of" a combination of Paxil and Buspar, both of which I had HORRIBLE reactions to separately. Would two negatives make a positive in my case? Read on...

On any other note I don't think this is the right med for me, I almost had a panic attack going to my support group today, and that's NOT "normal me". Also get leg swelling, muscle twitches, blurry vision, terrible ringing headaches, aggravated feeling constantly, everything irks me, and I can't sleep more than 3-4 hours even if my life depended on it. It also makes me WANT to smoke, my anxiety started getting worse, (don't want to be around people mostly because of my 'new anger') and I bite my tongue, cheeks and lips while I sleep, and grind/clench my teeth all day. I know I always hear "get a mouth guard" but I'd rather find a med that makes me feel better before going that far... I'm a drooler, you don't want to have my mouth propped open all night!! haha *droooooooooool*

Anyways, on that pretty picture note, I need to get to bed... I hope I don't get zapped again..... makes a person afraid to go to bed :(

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Halberd of Hope
Oct 17 2011 10:53 PM
Moonfroot, this does not sound good. It seems like there's a few folks who are getting this kind of ramped up reaction on viibryd.

One thing though: brain zaps are not permanent! Also I can tell you I've had them with every SSRI and SNRI I've discontinued so there's a handful. They suck but they've always gone away. But not something I'd put up with to "feel better." Unless I had literally tried every other thing and it was the ONLY way. They're just so invasive and...bleh. Icky.

Now, whether or not you'd always have them at this dose, I don't know. My inclination would be to say maybe not since they seem to be an "adjustment" symptom (either going on or off something), but there is absolutely no hard science behind this sentence.

I don't know. Is this your third week in on viibryd? I know you don't want to give up too soon. Its "aggro" side effects are cause for concern though. Plus the blurry vision and headaches? I dunno, Moonfroot. I hope you hear back from the RN soon. Maybe this just isn't the right med for you.

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The Viibryd so far hasn't givin me any brain zaps. I am on my 5th week. The only time I got them was when I came off of Lexapro. They sucked pretty bad and I had them for at least a couple of weeks after being off of it. They did go away for me but that was only after the med was out of my system. As far as the Viibryd, I am not sure.

I have had excessive restlessness and feelings of panick on Viibryd and I am pretty sure I had a couple of panick attacks too, which have been the first for me in over a year. It is a rough med to get used too. I told my pdoc and he had me go back down to 20mg from 40 to see if that helps. I am also taking neurontin to help calm me down. I would have to say since Friday the panic and restlessness have stopped. I should also mention I stayed on the 40 until Sunday so maybe my body is finally adjusted.

I would still tell your doc if it is bothersome and maybe you can go down to a lesser dose. Or if you wait it out you may adjust to it. I guess I am still holding out hope for this med. Good luck and I hope everything calms down for you.
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It was my third week on Viibryd yes, the 40mg dose, only took the 40mg dose for 4 days. I've never heard of anyone getting zaps when going ON a med, just off, that's why it scared me. I didn't get the OK to stop as of last night, so I just took a 20mg one. My mom said all SSRIs do that to her too.

My RN called me this morning and told me to stop taking it, so I'm going to, I have an appointment with her on Friday so we'll figure out something else. She mentioned trying me on a mood stabilizer next, I don't want any more SSRI, SNRI... nothing that messes with my "S"!

This whole mess to me just feels absurd today. My headache is ringing loudly today, I have no appetite (which is good) I feel like laying on the couch all day doing nothing, it's snowing outside (the first I've seen this fall) And all I can think is WHY can't they find a med to help after all the experimenting and research they've done, and why don't they have a blood test or something to use to see what the problem is so we don't have to go through this nasty "boot camp" with getting better?? *SIGH* I guess I'm still a bit crabby/aggravated... I hope it wears off quickly.
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Halberd of Hope
Oct 18 2011 11:41 AM
I think you're right, messing with S seems to just make things worse for you. I almost wonder if a TCA might be worth looking at. There are some that mess with N and some of the 5HT receptors. I think all of them hit S to some extent but not like an SSRI/SNRI.

But mood stabilizers are also a good bet, especially given your experience with ADs and persistent depression. I wish they could just do a blood test or something too. It sucks being an experiment!!

I'm relieved though that you're going off Viibryd, it just sounded so miserable. I hope you start feeling better soon, maybe can go outside for a few minutes and enjoy the new falling snow. ((That's my favorite part at least; once it's been sitting on the ground for 6 months the novelty kind of wears off!!)) Or make some hot chocolate?

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i hope they dont last for you. im not sure if i had them. i have had what i call my head is swimming. its like if you have ever been to the ocean and you stand at the edge of the water and the waves lap over your feet and when the water goes back down you get the weird feeling of the ground moving under your feet.

i hope you have better luck with your next med.
enjoy the snow if you can. i cant wait til we get some snow here.
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Oct 18 2011 04:29 PM
Or a cup of coffee with some Bailey's Irish Cream?

I have no experience with brain zaps thankfully but am awfully glad they've stopped the Vibryd. The rest of your SE's sound scary enough. As to Hammer's suggestion on the TCA's, I have to agree. Also some of the older AP's have been proven to work well for those of us who don't play well with any S's.

(((hugs))) allie
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I've enjoyed the first snowfall from inside the house (no accumulating stuff), but had went out and went to visit my nephew that night, who is in his own "first steps" of getting help and crazymeds. It was COLD, and started to rain/freezing drizzle on my walk back home, but I loved going to visit him and it was worth it, he's really an awesome guy who just didn't get any support or help when he really needed it.

I've definitely had the "swimming head" the "sand washing out from under my feet" sensations, and my own original feelings of, if you've ever stood on a tall parking ramp, more than just the first few floors up, and felt the floor go up and down, up and down from a car driving by, that can trigger nausea in me because it's like solid concrete turns into liquid. I had the interview at my last job, and had asked them if they had a basement, because it felt like the floor was doing that to me (up n down, up n down), but no, it was solid ground under the concrete floor, and I just felt like an idiot after getting LOTS of weird and worried looks from everyone in the "tour group" that were showing me around the place.

I also describe "compass head", you know those little balls full of liquid with the floating compass in the middle? When I turn my head, it's just like what the compass does when you turn it, it takes time to catch up, goes too far, then takes a few more passes to settle and point true north again! I get kinda queasy from that too! *URP*
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I've taking a few different anti depressants over the years and never had issues except they never really worked. So when I started taking viibryd and found that it was a life saver I've been reluctant to go to the doctor and admit I'm having these brain zaps. This must be one crazy drug! If I even go a few hours past my dose (40mg) I get super sleepy, dizzy, itchy, and I feel out of it. As far as the brain zaps they only happen when I'm falling asleep. I think I've been taking viibryd for about a year and I've only had brain zaps 8 times. However when I do have them it is usually not just one zap. I'm zapped every time I start to drift off. Since i take my medicine at night it might be my body matabilizing the medicine too quickly. Of course I wish I could stop taking the medicine but I'm more afraid to live without it than I'm afraid of the brain zaps.
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