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Everything You Need to Know About Crazy Talk

Probably not, but read some of the topics here first and you probably won't feel like a complete idiot.

Only moderators can start new topics in this forum.

  • 37 topics
  • 512 replies
D. I. Y. Trepanist Vs Enabl... - last post by jook

Site News: Unfair and Unbalanced

What's new on the site. C.f. What's New at Crazymeds.

Only moderators can start topics in this forum.

  • 35 topics
  • 970 replies
Crazymeds Wallpaper - last post by Elisabet_Fluffy

Problems with, Questions about Using this Site: How Do I Do That?

How to use this site's software and to report any bugs and technical weirdness you might find.

  • 237 topics
  • 1,228 replies
Ah Heck. Blurry Profile Pic... - last post by jook

Site Suggestions: This Site Sucks Donkey Dong!

Your place to make suggestions.

  • 148 topics
  • 868 replies
Gabatril Forum - last post by jook

Introduce Yourself Here - Name, Rank, Serial Number

Who are you? Why the hell are you here? Does your mom dress you like that?

  • 2,408 topics
  • 8,777 replies
Anxious. - last post by eloise

Test Posts - Check, check, 1,2,3. Is this thing on?

Test to see if anything is working for you. We have a whole bunch of new bells & whistles, so this is the place to try them out!

  • 126 topics
  • 217 replies
What Kind Of Test..... - last post by waldo42

Toggle Bipolar Disorder - I'm So Happy I Could Kill Myself Bipolar Disorder - I'm So Happy I Could Kill Myself

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Treatment Options for Bipolar Disorder: The Spirit Levels of Your Mind

Which medication or combinations of medications to deal with your particular flavor of bipolar disorder

  • 1,848 topics
  • 15,215 replies
Not Depressed, Not Hypomani... - last post by Crosshatch

Questions About Bipolar Disorder: When Does the Roller Coaster Ride End?

Questions about bipolar disorder itself.

  • 893 topics
  • 9,556 replies
Mania Triggers - last post by PenelopeJane

Talk Therapy for Bipolar Disorder: Just Don't Tell Us About Your Parents!

  • 23,915 Hits

Toggle Panic & Anxiety Disorders - Counting Flowers on the Wall Panic & Anxiety Disorders - Counting Flowers on the Wall

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Treatment Options for Anxiety: I'm Afraid to Take that Pill!

Medication or non-medication treatments for the panic & anxiety axes. Including PTSD, OCD, GAD, SAD and agoraphobia.

  • 772 topics
  • 5,874 replies
Obsessed With Ocd - last post by jook

Questions about Panic / Anxiety: Don't be Afraid to Ask

  • 307 topics
  • 2,511 replies
Anxiety - last post by scarlett71

Toggle Epilepsy, Migraines, Sleep Disorders, Neuropathy & Other Neurological Conditions Epilepsy, Migraines, Sleep Disorders, Neuropathy & Other Neurological Conditions

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Treatment Options - the Fat, the Stupid, and the Itchy

Medication-based treatment options for epilepsy, migraines, sleep disorders, neuropathy, etc.

  • 168 topics
  • 1,122 replies
Zolpidem, Ambien, Stilnox,... - last post by jook

Questions About Epilepsy, Migraines, Sleep Disorders, and Misc. Neurological Weirdness

Questions about the nature of epilepsy, migraines, sleep disorders, neuropathy, etc.

  • 248 topics
  • 1,909 replies
Insomnia Meds - last post by Crosshatch

Other Neuro Treatments: The Brain Electric and the Brain Dissected

  • 25,519 Hits

Toggle Other Conditions & Issues Other Conditions & Issues

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Women's Co-existing Conditions - Female Trouble

Meds messing with menstruation, pregnancy and all those pills, etc.

  • 206 topics
  • 1,515 replies
Perimenopause And Insomnia... - last post by Silverdraig


ADD/ADHD doesn't go away when people grow up.

  • 263 topics
  • 1,722 replies
New To Vyvanse : Tearful, C... - last post by Ameletus

Schizophrenia & Other Psychoses: Messages from the Zernox Galaxies

Treatment options for psychotic spectrum conditions.

  • 200 topics
  • 1,850 replies
Positive Scale (Panss) And... - last post by RealityBreak

Other Conditions

Any other condition which is appropriate to this site but doesn't have its own board.

  • 342 topics
  • 2,905 replies
Help Us Diagnose A Bright Y... - last post by baseru

Migraines & Other Headaches: Not Tonight Dear

  • 17,607 Hits

Toggle Basic Information About All Psychiatric / Neurological Meds Basic Information About All Psychiatric / Neurological Meds

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Medication Costs, Insurance, Disability & Assorted Issues - It Costs How Much?

Drug costs, insurance hassles, SSI & SSDI, and so forth.

  • 240 topics
  • 2,090 replies
You Sob, I Would Want To Sh... - last post by snafu28

Brand vs. Generic

Questions, experiences, news, and the like in the ongoing smack-down of brand-name meds vs. generic drugs. See the page on the differences between generic and branded meds for more information.

  • 191 topics
  • 1,334 replies
Lamictal Brand Vs. Generic - last post by madcap

Other Common Stuff

Things common to all neurological/psychiatric medication.

  • 304 topics
  • 3,300 replies
Is Your Mood Better/worse D... - last post by scarlett71

Crazy News: Meds, Mental Health

News stories, articles, and blog entries about these crazy meds, the mentally interesting, mental health, etc.

  • 460 topics
  • 2,748 replies
Special Dbsa Event In Nyc O... - last post by Cthebird

Toggle Antidepressants - Happy Pills We Love to Hate Antidepressants - Happy Pills We Love to Hate

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Basic Information About All Antidepressants

  • 228 topics
  • 1,747 replies
Do Fast Acting And Effectiv... - last post by JustNuts

Wellbutrin (bupropion)

  • 1,082 topics
  • 6,266 replies
After 17 Years I'm Goin... - last post by andiepants

Effexor (venlafaxine) and Pristiq (desvenlafaxine)

  • 679 topics
  • 3,787 replies
Effexor Has Stopped Working... - last post by Amethyst674

Lexapro (escitalopram oxalate) and Celexa (citalopram hydrobromide)

  • 625 topics
  • 3,501 replies
Citalopram Celexa Made All... - last post by Crosshatch

Zoloft (sertraline)

  • 392 topics
  • 1,922 replies
Is Zoloft A Good Overall Me... - last post by Ajna

Remeron (mirtazapine)

  • 377 topics
  • 2,173 replies
Remeron The Only Ssri That... - last post by Demento

Cymbalta (duloxetine)

  • 318 topics
  • 1,633 replies
Side Effects With Generic C... - last post by Original

Tricyclic & Tetracyclic Antidepressants (TCAs)

  • 246 topics
  • 1,320 replies
Anafranil For Ocd And Intru... - last post by slfactor

Prozac (fluoxetine)

  • 239 topics
  • 1,167 replies
Adding Prozac To Effexor Xr... - last post by Mjs190

Emsam and other MAOIs

  • 202 topics
  • 1,165 replies
Boosting Aurorix (Moclobemide) - last post by crazyinbrooklyn

trazodone & nefazodone

  • 133 topics
  • 762 replies
Trazodone In Europe? - last post by Luna-

Paxil (paroxetine)

  • 105 topics
  • 542 replies
Feelin The Burn From Switch... - last post by A Smith

Strattera (atomoxetine) and Edronax (reboxetine)

  • 83 topics
  • 343 replies
Strattera And Lexapro - last post by JackD

Luvox (fluvoxamine)

  • 86 topics
  • 357 replies
New To Luvox ! Scared Any S... - last post by Demento

Viibryd (vilazodone HCl)

  • 54 topics
  • 464 replies
Convulsions Brainzaps Side-... - last post by peacelizard

Symbyax (olazapine and fluoxetine)

  • 16 topics
  • 84 replies
Soon Switching From Effexor... - last post by GuyInDogSuit

Other Antidepressants

  • 95 topics
  • 853 replies
Trintellix - last post by kmancinone

Toggle All Other Medications & Treatments All Other Medications & Treatments

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  • 364 topics
  • 1,987 replies
New To Adderal And Anxiety - last post by Amethyst674

Hypnotics and Other Sleep Medications

  • 174 topics
  • 1,341 replies
Zopiclone Now A Must For Me - last post by notfred

BuSpar (buspirone)

  • 86 topics
  • 388 replies
Buspar Working, But Side Ef... - last post by apsmith76

Alpha, Beta, Calcium? - Betablockers etc.

Drugs to treat blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmia problems. Beta blockers like propranolol, calcium channel blockers like verapamil, and rarely-used (as crazy meds) alpha blockers like Flomax (tamsulosin).

  • 45 topics
  • 254 replies
Duration(Not Half Life) Of... - last post by ketone

Thyroid meds: T minus 4...3...

  • 28 topics
  • 208 replies
Does My Levothyroxine Cause... - last post by Cthebird

Dopamine Agonists

Parkinson's & RLS meds like Mirapex (pramipexole) and Requip (ropinirole).

  • 29 topics
  • 188 replies
My Mirapex Experience (Pram... - last post by Lking4Hlp

Other Medications

For any med appropriate to this site that doesn't fit anywhere else.

  • 178 topics
  • 1,157 replies
Omeprazole Worlds Most Dang... - last post by peacelizard

Talk Therapy: Shut Up Already

Talk therapy as a treatment option.

  • 208 topics
  • 2,078 replies
Therapy Effectiveness Lower... - last post by Silverdraig

ECT, VNS, TMS: The Brain Electric

Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT), Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS), deep brain and other electrical stimulation, brain surgery and other radical treatments.

  • 105 topics
  • 881 replies
Ect Newbie If You Have Had... - last post by goldfish

Toggle The Cocktail Party The Cocktail Party

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Drug-Drug Interactions: Cocktails & Combos

  • 182 topics
  • 889 replies
Benzo + Risperdal And Zoloft - last post by peacelizard

Miscellaneous Major Medical Melange

Stuff about meds, conditions, doctors, etc. that don't really fit anywhere else.

  • 252 topics
  • 2,315 replies
Is There Any Websites To Or... - last post by Jerod Poore

Toggle Intermission Intermission

  Forum Stats Last Post Info

Small Talk

Off-topic discussions that have nothing to do with meds or any medical condition.

  • 423 topics
  • 4,646 replies
Google Translated Drug Name... - last post by Jerod Poore

News of the Weird, er, World

Any other news of interest.

  • 152 topics
  • 726 replies
An Ambulatory Brain Monitor... - last post by Silverdraig

Media Matters: Books, TV, Music, Movies, Games and Other Distractions

  • 91 topics
  • 564 replies
Morgue Instagram - last post by Crosshatch

Toggle My. Brain. Hurts! This. Is. Why! My. Brain. Hurts! This. Is. Why!

  Forum Stats Last Post Info

How Meds Work: Antagonist? I sorta remember that from lit class...

Got questions about how all of the meds we discuss on this site work in your brain? Look it up on the drug pages! OK, not all of the pages have that section, plus that part is far from the easiest to understand.

Recent stuff we've dug up regarding methods of action (pharmacodynamics) when putting people under knife and giving rats brain scans, or is it the other way around?

N.b. this isn't the place to ask about which drug is best for your specific condition. This board is all about what the drugs do in general.

  • 70 topics
  • 325 replies
Pharmacology Of Sodium Chan... - last post by jook

Know Your Neurotransmitters

For discussion of serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine, GABA, MAO and anything I may have omitted. What they do and why you may need to adjust them one way or another. Plus all of the various receptors.

  • 54 topics
  • 308 replies
Dispassionate, Yet Empathet... - last post by Bummed Out Sheep

Neuroanatomy: Grey Matter's Anatomy

For discussion about how the brain is constructed. What all the various parts do, and what's up with those voltage channels. As we're all about diversity at Crazy Meds, discussion about white matter is not only acceptable but encouraged.

  • 36 topics
  • 180 replies
Neuroleptics And Brain Damage - last post by dymphna

Genetic Factors: Blame Your Parents!

For discussions of the genetic factors involved in, and the latest genetic research about the various conditions we deal with.

  • 25 topics
  • 140 replies
Cytochrome P450 2D6 - last post by JustNuts

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